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Answer to reverend G.

11 janvier 2012

Dear reverend, again, I wish you Happy New Year and I thank you for your best wishes.

When I asked why you said to be intrigued by list issued as answer to your question about my preferred philosopher, at the « » site where we met, you wrote comments from which I choose to comment this excerpt.

« There were a lot of reasons why I thought your list was intriguing. First, I expected when I saw Plato there, that you would prefer Descartes to Spinoza. Maybe by saying that I am acknowledging my ignorance of philosophy. Also, I assume you believe in a Metaphysical realm and that there is some sort of organizing idea at least behind the Universe because you included both Plato and Heraclitus. However, I was surprised a materialist like Marx there. I will admit he believed there was a logic to history. He had faith in that at least. »

First I want to tell you that those are great insights, not mere ignorance, and I had to think about this, in trying to better explain my position.

Thus, I tend to treat, in every aspects, transcendence as a problem, not as a matter of mere belief or disbelief. I think interrogating immanence is main course, not only tool, to gain access, for experience (to be thematized) and knowledge. This is the phenomenological way.

As an unaccomplished materialist I find immanence is all the way, but transcendence maybe the answer at the end. I have to live through this contradiction, which induces me to infer a temporary (or worldly) ethic in face of absolute or may you call this « the Eternal ». Let us say for now this is another topic…

But I feel medium range (this mix of self and world) or middle-class beliefs are weaknesses, those are « values », comparable to consumers’ preference, subjected to change. I guess your average Christian carry those options, ready to exchange at market price in panic or due time.

Only for the Saints beliefs grow into Faith that tends to become it’s own proof, because quality : pure, giving access to some truth in this universe, and thus conveying great power in enlightenment and/or action.

If this universe is coherent and meaningful — let’s call this a spinozian-like hypothesis — I feel I must aim to find its truth deep inside myself, somewhere at the roots of the soul. [Here I find the teaching of Buddha and Aurobindo… as well as Jesus Christ ? The question for me is why I needed to go to those other great teachers in order to get out of previous and imposed beliefs while I was Christianized by Catholic Church here in Quebec).] As stated Heraclitus, « sources of the soul are deeper than the length of the universe ».

Sartre and Nietzsche were important to define opposition to political alienation by religious prescriptions. « Only the moral God is refuted… » Hence every imperialistic reach of religious dogma into social construction. Fundamentalism is not only Muslim or abroad as we also have to look at your and mine own backyard.

See, I don’t want to « believe » in the existence of eternal soul. I just want to experience this from inside. And I am a very solitary person, still searching for love.

Marx religion was mankind as aiming at freedom (auto-construction of humanity). His so-called successors regularly missed that goal and achieved tyranny instead. Enemies, Capital, worship power attained in ownership through money and force reducing mankind to mere tools in production of chains through alienation.

In dialectical materialism continued struggle works through all those sets of contradictions. But ultimately unity should prevail over duality (and multiplicity?)… But, HOW DO PRECARIOUS, MORTAL BEINGS SEE THE END ?

Maybe with the help of God. But for me God is not a belief, it is a problem, and I dare say a practical one. Through yoga, and/or political praxis, poetry.

Om mani padme A U M …

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