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love and life

1 avril 2011
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« We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving. »

This quotation attributed to Nietzsche I stumbled upon when crossing in internet, browsing my twitter account in fact [I would have to check on my French translation were it is. Please,with quotations, you should always indicate the exact source. This is only elementary intellectual good manner], triggers my desire to comment, as it made me think. Maybe I should produce long development on this very sensitive topic, but here I make it short and sweet.

Because we do not know what living is. We have to learn and discover on the spot. That doesn’t mean we know more love, or about love… but we are addicted to it, like first brought in existence out of it, like out of the blue, firstly and if lucky… even some touch, even the faintest and we are caught in the pattern to keep on searching everyday in long life, like crossing seamlessly endless desert, for this same or newest drop of love.

Maybe love is the drop of color in the water of life. Blood made from the sea. With some labor of time. Through creatures that cross my mind or remain unknown to me, but breathing and living, so be it!, in the ocean or other places.

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  1. 1 avril 2011 1 h 24 min

    Mountain climbing is a different and special effort. Not that hard when inspired by the Goddess.

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