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Blue Moon (or about so-called Blue Moon)

23 novembre 2010

This is written after Blue Moon. Because observational events took place in November 21th and I could not write at that time, being caught in a different turn of events… different from usual solitude, living (quietly?) in my place in accustomed conditions. For two days I’ve been out of my place and I had not access to my computer, had other things, also, to do than writing about any moon… But now I’m back with reinforced concerns.

But first, starting with astronomical aspect : some say that last full moon,21th. day on this month was Blue Moon, because third full moon in a season of four. Exceptionally. Because normally, each season sees three full moon in it, right ? Yes. usually no more than one by month. Because, see, moon cycle takes roughly 28 days to complete. Got it ? Now, the other — and original — interpretation of this Blue Moon phenomena is, more simply, the occurrence of two full moon in one same month. This happens from time to time. Okay, I was only amateur astronomer in my youth.

Now I am merely philosopher and a bit poet, so we could say, litterateur.  Means my cultural interests are wider. Connections I want to establish larger and deeper and suggestions I want to make more audacious, exciting? Meaningful. Would I have published more I would have called me a writer (here is also some kind of [auto]publication, right?)… but that is still to come, if ever…

So, for more details on astronomical aspects, you can check on other, specialized sites. See that so-called blue moon could occur only very rarely in February, for example, because this artificially shorter month does not allow easily two full moon inside time span of just 28 or, in leap-years, 29 days…

In my opinion (and I share it!), for me (yes… well! …) the Blue Moon this year comes in the next one full moon, early in December 21th night, and to mark the occasion I will call « her » the Silver Blue Moon, because it is then so close to the winter solstice… (do I need silver bullet against this dragon or vampire?) Yes, these solstice affairs again, and that one, exactly one year after the crisis, my personal crisis, when I saw my virtually greatest love challenged to vanish or collapse. I recall vividly that suddenly I found myself in a very bad shape, then…

I will write, on this occasion, about this Silver Blue Moon. I feel there must be something a bit magical about it. Now the intention was to explore cultural as well as personal connections, metaphors and other images associated with this theme. Poetical Blue Moon. Can I be called a romantic. I think yes, I guess, many of my friends call me that way. I am and feel like unforgivable romantic.

Blue is very nice color of the sky, sweet blue when the weather is fair, when clouds are scarce or absent in this clear sky. Or deep blue with deep space we are especially concerned with, here, in this site, because infinity and unknown (maybe something, hiding there… scary for imaginative minds,  like me…!) challenging our minds and virtues, enticing us to improve and surpass previous limits. English has this expression : It came out of the blue!  Suggesting totally unpredictable event took place as if emerging from the void ! So, blue can be associated with nothingness. Also. Hum…

And this reflects in human mind, I guess, for example when we experiment some moody temper. The Blues is the kind of music originally expressing sorrow of slaves or very poor black people, here, in America, having all misery to make a living, but still offering to the world the grace of their beautiful signing and music. In French we say « Avoir les bleus » for being in bad mood… I guess in English also this expression works: having the blues.

Blue is the mystic eye. Was Neanderthals blue eyed? They were often red haired… Sapiens, just out of Africa was not, nor blue eyed, nor pale hairs. What poets and other sorcerers saw in blue eyes reflecting blue sky? Images, old, coming back to ante personal, archetypal memory. Blue Moon should be for love with cosmic resounding (I like very much the French word, « résonances »). Were the poet must rejoice or fear but not mainly about little personal fate, but more for some universal situation or cosmic battle.

Universe, I suggest, is not completely indifferent of existence in human souls. Matter is not only this rough stuff we describe in subatomic particles with few kinds of energies, black or not… Is there, in this universe, still unknown some kind of « blue energy » ? Blue is color of spiritual wisdom also in Indian traditions : sattva, one of those three gunas (quality of vibration, or kind of beings, levels : others are raja and tamas — here also, for more details check on specific sites)…

But above the sky, above sattva, there must be higher light, still, those more directly from God. Beyond the three gunas, Purushottama, Supramental in French. How it is called in English? Only few, living liberated, like Buddha or more affirmative kinds… if we are to follow on Srî Aurobindo’s thinking.

Why this particular full moon would be called « blue » for ? This is not color observed, this is all about human feelings. Images, metaphor, suggestions. My hypothesis is that there is some nostalgia or pain, some kind of sadness associated with quest of knowledge. Beginning with exact knowledge, that demystify attractive or repellent intense themes, but continuing with all this avalanche like progress in culture, knowledge, technologies…

If only we could re-climb back to the top of the mountain! Virtual experience maybe worthwhile, in meditation. We can learn a lot around anywhere, like thinking about Blue Moon… Buddhist problem is about status alleged and experience of nothingness. There must be something better to achieve in this life than Nirvana.

Suggestion, here, that we left some power at top of shamanistic world, when falling into iron era of objective and scientific knowledge. Some powers we forgot about or renounced as powers belonging to the human soul. For now, I leave it like that. Maybe I will come later to complete or what? But meanwhile, please, feel free to comment…

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