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full moon

27 juillet 2010
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Blurred full moon is rising above fifth level in new half-built construction I see from my windows, now halted for traditional construction vacations. This hot summer will soon be memory. Which love will accompany me to eternal return of autumn?

I don’t know. Sometimes, I even don’t know myself. Shadow is in black, yellow the surrounding.

Even Socrates knew himself that knew knowing nothing for sure… What I don’t know in myself maybe being or nothingness… I choose being, with the help of nothingness.

Consciousness is shade of nothingness preying on plain being, complicating the game of being there, existing. Many choices are details guided by some values. Those values are imposed first, on the individual by education. They can be changed and adopted again when rethinking tries to design an attitude, strategy or tactics.
Some say that thinking is already a failure. They act but without choosing, it seems, imposed values. Power is not at the end of a series of performed tasks. This is state of the world using this individual. Abstaining for action, at least for a while, is key to freedom of choice.
Assuming « own fate »,  dictated by place in society, roles in networks and ties in friendship and family is to renounce own will. Self definition still is possible? This is were the match « East meeting West » become irreconcilable : secured role in slavery against anarchic solitary freedom.

Contradictions can become fruitful but after the battle… Enrolled action is subjectively passive, abstaining to comply is ontologically active. Things are not often what they appear to be. To be fruitful, creative, revolt has to be taken with deep thinking. Not being there is more than being there… Man has the power to inhabit earth, or even the universe, like no thing.
Glancing at possibilities can not be achieved by a purely passive attitude. Active imagination is required to discover something to do, and discerning a way, like the path in the dark. Sitting in the dark, under the full moon, here is the moonshadow…

We are for a brief moment suspended in the void. Death is waiting, anyway. Let her to wait a while longer.

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  1. permalink
    28 juillet 2010 10 h 00 min

    Full of philosophical meanings, it let me recall a famous sentence of Hegel: What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational.

  2. 28 juillet 2010 13 h 49 min

    Yes, this sentence is famous and illustrates very well the rationalist position. Hegelianism is a kind of idealism that emphasizes the mutual relation of real and rational. But there exist many things, forces, dimensions in the Sky and under, that are not object of any thinking.

  3. Jacques permalink
    28 juillet 2010 13 h 54 min

    Ongoing adventure of Life, Divine in the Universe, expands continuously the scope of knowable, thinkable, feelable, attainable only by intuition. Hegelianism is a nice statue in the museum of past mind, a poor essay to master matter.

  4. Jacques permalink
    28 juillet 2010 13 h 55 min

    Concepts, in words, can not change consciousness alone. Practice and ek-stasis (for me, Marx and Aurobindo), yes, yoga and meditation are necessary. Spiritual domain go beyond mental abilities.

  5. LEAVES permalink
    3 août 2010 9 h 22 min

    From birth to death,this is a path which not too long ,may be very short.How can you make your path wonderful,only when your choice follow your mind ,thatthat is real freedom.You must be the master of yourself…..

  6. Jacques permalink
    3 août 2010 17 h 38 min

    Yes, dear friend now, I admit this defeat. For I wanted to be your soul mate, and I tried, maybe too hard and I made mistakes. But I failed to prove to be or even I could be your soul mate, and I am still very sorry for that, because I loved you so much (you knew that). Now recovering, with a new love to inspire me, I see future is not wasted. If you accept, I will still need your advices, and I offer to you my help if you need, when you want. So long, nice woman. -J.

  7. Jacques permalink
    3 août 2010 17 h 42 min

    And yes, also, I see your best, general advice is just over here: –yes, to master ourselves, first (for me, especially myself, yes..) very difficult and necessary to access to freedom domain. Nice words and great ideas are not enough, they need the craftsman to apply, implement those. This is main weakness, not only mine. But yes, still my main weakness, big one!

  8. 20 mai 2013 23 h 03 min

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