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Trees are bleeding — maple syrup time in Quebec.

19 mars 2010
Here, this year, spring came unexpectedly soon and strong. Alas for those who are in bad shape, they  feel still worst, comparing with all those rejoicing around them; bleeding hearts are still lower, but elsewhere energy is bursting, everywhere. Nature awakens as accumulated snow has almost finished to melt.In only two weeks! Remaining only few hills accumulated near huge parking. There, agglomerated snow and ice mixed with all kinds of dirt still testifies that we had some really cold temperature in this winter. But now the great sun, relentlessly, each and every day, attacks the clouds hanging over our human delusions.

This will, I guess, be a clear and warm summer. But now many trees are bleeding, and human are steeling their blood, so to speak if we can say that sap is equivalent for blood in the plants. Maple trees are bleeding, and this is maple syrup time in my beloved Quebec. Humans are supposed to take care of trees in exchange for their precious nutriments they extract to boil and concentrate the sap in huge collectors to obtain golden or darker syrup. This is very sweet because there is a lot of sugar in this wonderful liquor, with a distinctive taste we for generation learned to appreciate.

Each year, each Spring is different, but this year appears to be a very good one, with record harvest. The timing is perfect and balance between still very cold night, under zero, and relatively warm sunny days, activating metabolism in trees, from the deep roots working to get nutriments, up to the buds, now preparing to explodes in leafs and new branches. So abundant harvest of the finest quality, but price is not expected to drop because of enormous buying from Asia, mainly, yes, from Japan and China. So the typical syrup can, here, will stay over 7 or even 8 dollars (Canadians) each.

I have heard that Quebec produces about 75% of  total production worldwide, and also that 75% of this harvest here in Quebec is directed to exportation to be consumed abroad. It was the Indians that first showed my ancestors how to cut the trees to harvest the precious liquor, only few centuries ago, in the 15 or 16 something…

Spring  always was a special time for me. For years, one part of myself, the erotical beast, seems to step up from the grave and when I can calm myself in body I usually can still experience a burst in intellectual avidity and creativity. This year also my heart is bleeding like the trees. And enthusiasm is rising up for many reasons. Hockey fans, for example, see approaching the end of regular season and prepare to support their favorite team throughout the NHL playoffs, Series for the Stanley Cup. I am with them as I prepare to watch in the coming weeks a lot of hockey games. And my team this year seems to be ready to perform well in those playoffs, unlike last year where there was a huge disappointment after a rather promising first half in regular season. Montreal Canadians were playing very well under young coach, former very good player Guy Carbonneau, until the beginning of January, were the "machine" derailed.

Too many very young players in the team were unable to cope with success. Lack of discipline, outside of the ice first, and then on the ice condemned the to a miserable finish. And sourly that led to firing of young coach Carbonneau, by his friend general manager Bob Gainey who took over coaching and sad finish in pityful performance in short series against Boston Bruins (hereditary enemy) led to early vacation and big change in personal during summer. This is a new team we have now, more talented and working harder. Team work is the name of the hockey game. Last year we didn’t even had a team, just a bunch of collected egos : now it seems cohesion get stronger and stronger everyday. This will be very interesting to watch. And there is many strong other teams that will be very difficult to beat.

This will be part of my Spring, tense hockey game to watch and enjoy sometimes with some friends, also with daytime filled with reading and writings, with studies I continue slowly but surely, as long as it takes for some day, maybe, get to the point. 悟 or / and Love , worlds apart, inner sharing. Understanding alone is not enough, not complete without doing the right things. Those may prove too difficult, but really trying is necessary to maintain good chances for success. And good thinking must be important part of efficient action. I am already deeply honored to had the chance of knowing you, yes not completely, but I think I know enough about yourself for you can not be only projected image in my imagination. Oracle warns me that there is an enormous obstacle that must be overcome, first by retreat and by working on myself. So it seems like a huge detour that requires a lot of nerves and patience.

Time will tell, at the end… the end of the tale. —- [ Is this good translation? : 时间将证明一切,最后…在故事的结束。] 


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  1. 19 mars 2010 19 h 18 min

    And I can tell now that I agree that Chinese cuisine is better than westerner\’s in general, because of constant research of balance between opposites guided by long experimentation and philosophical, Taoist principles.

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