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– Parce que… / – Because…

13 mars 2010
you are so idealistic
your heart is so big
your soul is so large
your consciousness so wide
your self is so deep
      (nobody can see those roots at bottom)
your spirit is so strong and compassionate
your mouth is so wise
      (but even more your words and speeches)
your lips are so sweet
your attention so delicate
your face is so expressive
your expression so subtle
your smile so gentle
your long nose so noble in aspect,
     so fierce and sensitive

Because… the skin in your neck is so soft
          I don’t know your breast
          I don’t know your waist
          I don’t know no more…

Because you are not nothingness
          you are who and what you are

your love so dear, unexpected ;
     heavenly rose, like a gift of life from God

Because, also, then, you are not afraid to be alone :
     this is great strength, rarely seen, and I share this with you.

All that is (partly) why, dazzled . …. …

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