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translation of this text, about creation « Why to create? », from French original

1 mars 2010

Why to
create ?

     The act of
creation consists in transforming what is. Why to try to transform what is?
Because what is leaves to be desired, is not satisfactory and put the human being
in a dead end, forcing him to surpass realty, and doing so, to surpass himself.
Why confusion, suffering, the negative, chaos should be necessary matter and
starting point for initiating act of creation? Simply because those are parts
of reality and nothing can be done without. Indeed, reality contains all might
and energy needed for act of creation. This action is not just about producing
objective opus, which would eventually be perceived and appreciated by others,
but more essentially to produce oneself. Act of creation consisting in
producing something new, implies necessarily to go beyond what is and what we
are. Brute material, chaotic, is not only outside ourselves, in outside world.
It is also inside, within our dead ends, labyrinth of thoughts, questions
without answers, in our existential uneasiness and difficulties, problems. This
is all about transforming chaos into cosmos, and this is all about our own
chaos, interior confusion affecting relations with others, with things and
whole world.

     Act of creation implies to surpass ourselves to produce something
new, but we can do so only in starting from what we are. Hence we must embrace
reality as it is, what is happening in surrounding, what pass through us and
what constitutes us. This is the starting stuff, this is often intimate enemy
that we must wrestle to transform negative energy into creative energy. The
artist, the creator, immerse himself deeply in what is, and do not escape this
: real situation. Because it is from all that appeal to him (or her), that
provoke and challenge her or him, setting the ordeal in this lived situation
that he or she needs to create. Thus, contrary to common opinion, it is not from good,
nor ideal conditions, that we can create, but instead in spite of bad
conditions, with and against the obstacles and impairing ties. Very often, we
face this situation : we would like to create, but seeing conditions not so
good, we feel  entangled. But if
creating is to transform negative into positive, isn’t in in negative conditions
that we must find best motivations? Yes, if conditions were to be excellent,
where then would be the need to create?

     But in fact
we are never in such perfect conditions. Those always leave to be desired. And
that is precisely why they are good for act of creation. Because this act is
all about to produce positive from negative aspects, to produce cosmos from
chaos, to create joy from suffering, to design a liberation line from dead end
or frozen situation, it will be in spite of circumstances, and not because them
that act of creation will take place. It is something we must understand very
closely and even touch by hand. Because we are all in this waiting position:
waiting for conditions to change, for miracle to happen, for things that they
come to us, waiting for having, before, arranged some aspects or  important problems in our lives. But, this
is in the middle of all that, without warning, like the lightning that precedes
the thunder, all suddenly that creation occurs, happen to us. And there is no
beginning of this, this always was already in process, like creation of our own
being began without us, by desires in our parents intent, this was made for the
main part without us, being absent and we became later conscious well engaged
in the road, in the middle of journey of life.

     This is in
the middle of something that is not it, that even prevent and negate it, that
creation begins. This was always in process, just like creation of
unprecedented wonders in which nature consists. Yes, nature is already in
process of creating, always been, creating even man, and it is participating in
this nature that man can creates in his time. We touch, here, one of the most
powerful motivation to create : to be firmly embodied into reality.

creating, man puts himself in tune with reality or nature, nature itself being
nothing else than endless creation process without recognizable beginning. To
create, man must make close contact with this starting stuff, open himself to
it, to possess and make one with this complexity. All begins with a close
embrace, to grasp in a row, a fight in wrestling struggle. Creating process is
continuation of such embrace that wrestles, with sense of this fight, strengths
against inertia, bright against shades and obscurity, feeling to make, in all
this, only one body. Opus, during creation process, is not distinct from whom
is creating it. The two are all but one. We take for example the special act of
creation that is procreation.  Joy of
the future mother lies in feeling united with the child she bares. Yet to be
born child is part of her body. In this lies joy that goes with any creative
act, feeling of being part of process that includes us and goes beyond us, much
more than aspects we can control, in which we are all taking part. Here again
there is something to learn from creative act : if we create beyond ourselves,
something bigger than us must take place. Creative act can not only reflect us.
It must, in contrary, draw from hidden sources, not only our owns, going
through others also, throughout the world, reality and nature.

this starting question, why to create ? My answer is : to be in one body with
what exists and to feel this unexplainable joy that lies in this action of being
with beings and all that exists. And we must understand that “what exists” is
not stopped or frozen, but always in the process of being made, in continuous
metamorphosis process. This is to take part of such a process that man and
woman creates. They thus take part in might and power immensely greater than
themselves, power to create being that same energy flowing across the universe. Why
such power exists? This is like this same old metaphysical question : “Why is there something instead of nothing ?” In truth, is there an answer to this
question other than that of the child, pushed in last resort? Why? Because!
Because there is no answer to this question, because whom tries to answer this
is not over the field of struggles, because this question itself came from this
power of creation and metamorphosis, creative act taking part in mystery,
unexplainable essence of what is.

     Maybe this unexplainable essence, gratuitousness of
creation point toward man made figure of God, the Creator. But He does not need
to create, if perfect. No necessity, no reason, no cause. It happens with same
randomness and gratuitousness, the same luxury that there is the universe,
galaxies, stars, our sun, this earth, lifeforms and son on. All that seems
gratuitous, without reason, like luxury, in human creation share this essence
of gratuitousness, luxuriant there is. We are often puzzled by questions
like: What’s the use? What is the goal of the universe? To what purpose : life,
human beings? But, is there not something free and gratuitous in all that is great?
And isn’t it because creativity takes part in this gratuitous there is that it
is so important,  necessary in our life, even
essential? And isn’t it because there is this gratuitousness in creation that
it produces in us this unexplainable joy? 
We could not create, or create without knowing it, with no care,
transported unconsciously by universal creation process, but the fact that we
are, in this body and soul, with this spirit in this process makes us to
communicate with the universe, with this earth and humanity, letting us to feel
this gratuitous joy that is without reasons.

This is homemade
translation from original French text by Pierre Bertrand, in his book Pourquoi
, Éd. Liber, Montreal, 2009, pp. 67-70.

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