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Hockey, okay?… OK

28 février 2010
Great Sunday… but foggy. Just before the beginning of the great hockey game, Olympic final between Canada and United States teams… all pros playing in the so called National Hockey League, so… I bet for Canada, but expect a very tough, tense and close game, till the end…

I made rice to cook. I had cooked beans yesterday in the crock pot. (Beans we call "gourganes" here, big, nourishing) I will mix the two with sauce (soy sauce),  olive oil, clever seasoning… etc. I will eat with chopsticks to feel closer to you.

I am starving and… yes, still burning inside. But this is because of size, shape of this medium: long concentration periods upon tiny texts, controlling breathing brings blood almost to boil… Because I was hooked, before giving head to do what I wanted to do : that is to translate this previous message, huge citation, in English for you… Hooked ! I was by looking at you blog, earlier messages, still trying to understand you better… This is still passionate longing and still burning inside… What can I do unless forget… I must brace myself to live my own life.

I didn’t even took time to eat something from the morning… I am a very stupid fool.

I got across this entry were you mention, en passant, this performance you witnessed from "Cricri", Christine Bellerose, your former business English teacher. Already told you she is a French Canadian, and also a Québécoise, like me I am a Québécois. She was born in Montreal, I am not. But I searched in the net for footsteps of her performance, and I found interwiew about her magazine, short lived Humônumos, that was interesting tentative in Beijing. Philosophy, Science, literature : what a promising project ! Arts ! You prefer arts to philosophy, but the two are necessary, even more than science.

Her blog of that name also seem discontinued, but last message was saying she had came back to "native land". So maybe I can try to find her and if I succeed, to ask her if she remembers You. To share images, in recollection, souvenirs… alas.

I melt in your mind, my liquor wants to mix with Yours.

Your Jacques
Anyway, I watch the Game, just beginning, but still thinking of you…

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