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My dear Yezi,

17 février 2010
My dear Yezi,

     I have developed so much tenderness and longing towards you, willing to be close to you, that I can not cease this immediately.

     Also, I examined your "arguments" closely and recognized that there is no logical consistency, very easy to demolish (I did), so I concluded that those "arguments" are merely pretexts. The true reasons for your change of heart you are still hiding.

     To say that I am happy with this situation would be grossly exaggerated. And I agree that this turn of events requires at least some (major?) adjustments.

     First, I recognize that the "position" of a Lover around you does not seem to be available right now, at least not for me.

     Secondly, I would like to remind to you, make you remember, that there is, between us, an undeniable spiritual connection. Even now I remain fairly confident that this connection will enables us to continue to grow. Yes, in power and wisdom, with the help from God.

     Thirdly, I would like to stress this other aspect : that the matter in this situation is much larger than just you and me. We, as intellectuals, are supposed to know that responsibility, like in trying to promote understanding between cultures and peoples, rises up to the global scale of the world now. You do not want me becoming an enemy of China ! We must avoid war until better understanding, in the deeper, global situation, arises, thanks to the dedicated work of educated people, like you and me.

     Then, after a bad period, I expect we will all hear hailing from the stars, hence acknowledge the necessity, for humanity, to unite all our strengths to rise up to new challenges.

      I just ask to you, for now, to think about that a bit deeper. This is not just arbitrary matter subjected to caprice.

Still yours, spiritual brother,
Jacques Perreault

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  1. 18 février 2010 6 h 20 min

    Also, I find interesting, in context, this saying in Chinese : " 随着退一步,你会发现无限的大海和天空。" (“suí zhe tuì yī bù, nǐ huì fā xiàn wú xiàn de dà huǎ hé tiān kōng。”) That translate (Engl.) by : “With one step back, you will discover a boundless sea and sky.”Interesting for you and me, but also, it has is correspondent in western culture as it is at the root of philosophical thinking. A step back to consider global picture is not a set back, on the contrary !

  2. LEAVES permalink
    19 février 2010 22 h 38 min

    The original text is “进一步山穷水尽,退一步海阔天空”。 Chinese express idiom is very succinct and pithy.But if translat it to modern English or modern Chinese ,the meaning changed ,the fascination and rhythm of language are lost.In chinese idiom, ,we always ellipsis some conj.or prep ,sometimes even verb.(May be it seems like “hide”,)it make the express have more connotation , but everybody can understand because this is just a part of our cultural and it is our mother language.

  3. 19 février 2010 23 h 11 min

    Thank you. This is very impressive insight. But ancient sentence leave so much room to think… Only those who can will try to follow the path. Is simplified language more democratic in essence ? As nationalist, and poet, what Mao Zedong had in mind in promoting this reform of language, in your (expert, I am sure now) opinion ?

  4. 19 février 2010 23 h 18 min

    I said "so much room to think…", but in fact much closer to danger. Modern form is more descriptive, opens field to theorize maybe, freeing mind, generalize the idea : bridge with western best tradition, no ?

  5. LEAVES permalink
    20 février 2010 7 h 20 min

    These are two topic.Sure now we speak and write with modern Chinese.but we keep all of the idiom and ancient peotry ,history story in our language ,we learn it from elemenrary school ,those are the important tool in our language.All of Mao\’s articles and poetry full of Chinses idiom and a lot Chinese ancient story.So if have no enough knowlege about Chinese history and poetry,You can\’t understanding Mao\’s article completely.Language is the important part of cultural ,and history stay in language ,in other hand ,learn a language just is a process of learn a history about this country.

  6. 5 mars 2010 20 h 17 min

    Okay, I understand you want to keep everything, here that is the benefit of deep historical perspective, connection with distant masterpieces, sources of wisdom ; but don\’t you agree –with Lu Xun, for example– that reform was necessary to simplify Chinese writing and provide better access to education for majority of people?The fact that this "reform" was done through political madness and economical catastrophe wounded Chinese culture, I think, and you are still to recover to produce higher cultural achievements, in arts and literature, mainly. Because the vast majority of actual Chinese are cut from this continuation in culture with deep historical understanding. You and your friends are the exception, no ?

  7. LEAVES permalink
    5 mars 2010 23 h 09 min

    every day I do simple writer work for majority of people.But we have to keep our private garden for soul .Why I have to thinking about majority people when I record my feeling and mind and emotion on my blog place?Even in a lot other place ,we have a enough amount people at this high level understand ability for reading and writing .the pure art and literature is always not for majority people.In fact ,I am never interested and care majority\’s interesting of reading. I have no responsibility to write for majority beside my newspaper work.Even my newspaper work ,just only for experts and scholars ….

  8. LEAVES permalink
    5 mars 2010 23 h 20 min

    beside ,just for you ,you think it is not easy to understand ,but ,just I told you ,in China ,it is not difficult to understand for everybody who has completed undergraduate studies .I am not majority ,so I also no interesting to write for majority.In China ,just a few people those like and can understand high level write ,the amount is much more than all of Canadian.Ok,I am sorry for really dont have interesting to explain such simple things in here

  9. 6 mars 2010 9 h 09 min

    Opened my window and before the rising sun I wrote that : My dear, poor little thing, I was not attacking Chinese great culture, I was just questioning some problems you have in this period to try to understand better. So, I thank you very much for your reply, interesting answer. But how did you react? See, you are not just complex (complicated and sophisticated) my dear, but you are also confused. Here you choose an attitude of imperial arrogance, proud of your strength given by big numbers, but another time, last autumn, you were pessimistic about state of affairs and arts and culture in your great country while I was cheering up! Also I posted here text of conference by Han Han showing why artists and writers are not permitted to blossom at higher degree of achievement, but you wouldn\’t comment on that. Writings by Dostoevsky were very close to Russian spoken language, but this was meanings conveyed, showing insights, poignant dialogues and grandiose construction following his vision that made the grade. Gao Xingjian tried something like that in his Mountain of the soul. You read this in your characters: as he attained artistic success? From French translation I read, I would say : yes, more than half. But less than 80%. Yet, the part were they finally found this savage man hiding in the mountain was hilarious: this is good, because humorous, indirect and subtle, criticism for no freedom nowhere.But freedom is measured for the task to invent something new, to create and suggest solutions, practical and ideal. And hypnotized with backward attention, you fear that very much. Anyway, everybody, everywhere, people are afraid of own freedom. Too difficult task, heavy responsibility. This is very easy to understand.

  10. LEAVES permalink
    7 mars 2010 2 h 07 min

    Eveyday I talk with my friends ,Chinese intellectual those live in America ,Germany and France, through email ,sometimes the email was delivered between three or four friends ,reply one after another,we never have any difficulty for understanding ,not need write too much words, most of time ,only one or two sentence,comments that full of wisdom and humor ,yes ,these kind of humor make us laugh and relax ,but just Chinese can feel the humor ,because that need the ability of understanding which because the knowlege ,experience and a lot of story about culture ,history and our past life in commen.We all enjoy such communication very much .I never think I need look for any foreigner for understand each other deeply.That is impostble.Yes ,I have some foreign friends ,in Beijing and in America ,just for simple and happy relationship.When I went to internet looking for LOVER(now I understand it is not a right way) ,I just think about looking for my soulmate,and in my opinion ,the same soul have no national boundaries,they can recognized very easy just need simple words one or two times talk each other.(I told you that ,I am very sorry to find that I always need repead my principle and opinion again and again ,but you never care and understand that) ,because I know that very clearly that if explain become necessary,that means love is impossible ,I remember I told you this too.That is why I dont like reply your comments .Because I have no intersting to your comments that so far away from my true meaning. All of your comments full of misunderstand ,,how I can correct them?that need too much explain and I have no time to do that job.I went to AFF not for look somebody to argument and discussing about culture and political ,it never be my lack.I have been being a journalist and editor for more than twenty years as well as a intelectual that keep a liberal stand all time,So I have enough friends and a lot of social activity to discuss culture and political with other people.Why I need discuss such heavy topic between love relationship? Even in freindship ,we prefer enjoy the same interesting and activity than discuss such topic.because in the friendship between I and my close friends ,have the same vulue and stand is the premiss.So when we are together we just enjoy life and share joy .talk about some happy topic.Another thing I want to tell you is ,in fact ,I can\’t understand your way for pursuit love .Do you think that criticize is a good way to attract woman?Or do you think I will fall in love with you because your criticism for my life style and thinking style.especially.when your criticism just is on the basis of misunderstand.( I always feel such criticism just like comment why rose is not like lily, why salt taste not sweet.So it make my dont know how to answer!)Is this your value about love?if it is ,just like I told you before ,we are so different in a lot of aspect,Love can\’t grow up between two person when they have complete different value about love .Love is warm between two heart ,love is harmonious between two soul……..May be just as a friend ,sometime when I have free time ,I will write or discuss some article with you ,,But if think about develope love relationshio ,I think your practice untill now is not go on the right path.I am very sory for that.

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