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Another series of efforts in translation !!!

27 janvier 2010
Sea water,  clouds from the sorcerer’s mountain

     Since childhood  familiar with the verses in poems redden aloud in school, and find many years later  those verses had gradually became a tracing of life, like a life’s summary, (almost like) my destiny, so I wouldn’t go so far as to consider that spoken words weight for nothing.

      I seen the world of seven seas and this is quite a task for water, except however that sorcerer’s mountain is not a cloud … ….

At that moment, we only said the last part, we have empathy with each other.

In that ocean   vapour vast surprise    dissolute wave rush emerge, midway island of romantic scenery, hurricane blows outdated life struggle take part in combat at the end surviving (not drowning) but drove ashore body and mind entirely damaged each approach only one method afterward result consider not bad  (outdated life struggle take part in combat at the end surviving (not drowning) but drove ashore body and mind sored each hurry in one direction afterward result think looks neglect vagabond)

 so I thought I could forget
themselves in rivers and lakes, but the sea after the , then there are rivers and lakes?

Can be more than one occasion over again just because of the sea has not been. King also dreamed would Qifeng differences are not reproduced because the previous Wushan cloud. The real experience of life, the hearts of hard to hiccups have risen. Wushan
truly appreciate the scenery, all the clouds drifting across the eye is
no longer something to be proud … … stirred a pan-nine ileum quiver
of love, how could it again?

Shudder. This is the L often to emphasize a point.

You tremble before? Because it felt the love? If not, his theory, then you have not experienced true love.

several years, that the sea after the other kind of streams and lakes
also make themselves forget to go wandering and living camp.
But time and again feel like magic spells ancient verse. Quite a task for water, not a cloud. Everything, attracting only the years look back – and with each other to see each other once the sea.

  Ha ha! On sea pearl tears, Lam Japan Nuanyu puff. Remembrance in forever Wang Ran … …


How many years later, when young already familiar reciting verses, gradually changed into life lived, life destiny,

because go so far as to feel not to speak word weight already very light.

Much experience of life difficult for water, besides however Wushan is not cloud.

In that moment, we all but merely explained very little, at once already understand tacitly.

Such sea, smoke immense waves, typhoon, half way island romantic charming scenery, hurricane blew through

student struggle to life and death I participated, hunger strike for freedom,

in the end have not drown nor perished, body and mind entirely harmed, later got up ashore, everyone flew alone their way.

So I consider awful see for myself neglecting rivers and lakes,

but the sea later, then had given back rivers and lakes?

Awful not stop one time over again for self esteem have not go pass through blue sea

Still more hope in vain opportune moment exists unexpected summit unusual condition once more reveal each and every reason

of him before capital but not Wushan.Truly, have much experience of live, in the heart calamity again raise great waves really understand Wushan condition, all clouds going through eyes

already no more inundate naked land…

completely aroused have habit nine visceres trembling,

small possibility again for one time?

Vibrate. Now L often insist on that point.

You trembled? Because catch up to love? If had not, he is theory, not experienced true love.     

After preparing this Spring Festival, I consider later to join another lake also able to give in own flow including forget to

go back to live in a tent.

But one time second experience considerate ancient verses incantation meaning like magic power. In bad water, not cloud.

Own everything attract to arrive just a year go back visit — And mutually saw each other once blue sea (of love).

呵呵!沧海 月明珠有泪, 蓝田日暖玉生烟 追忆中永远的惘然……
Hum! Pearl is in tears, blue farm warms pure to smoke, look back suffer forever frustrated….

[Babylon tr.] Sea water, Wushan say… Who is familiar with the years, a poem to change the fate of the deformed, concluding that recitation have been felt too light.
Water drop difficult while Wushan speaks..
The moment they were only a single word on the "mutual our hearts are" as the drop in the smoke.
Ho wave raging in the island of Hurricane fluttering of flag at scene click death struggle finally outdated not drowning death  physically and mentally time damage to the sides.
So that in mind, the traveling in May… but the drop in the political arena is also the only time. The only because it has not been a dream. Qifeng King drop again because the Wushan prior to the drop in their hearts to have been difficult to understand the great waves of Wushan scenery clouds drifting in the eyes, and pride… to move… the anxious Songs 9 shake the love that can shake the time.
To L whenever you have a strong because of love without the theory on his experience is the love.
For the drop in the other. As the rivers and lakes to let their class forgot to return home camp is the body of the ancient Chinese poem from the spell of magic. Hard water,cloud is the only, years back to each other and see each other once the drop in.

Huh drop in tears blue Tian, warm Yu smoke K. forever the frustrated……

(Encore) 沧海水,巫山云.
L’eau de mer, nuages sur la montagne du sorcier

Depuis si longtemps!… en mes jeunes années j’avais déjà appris ces versets qui sont devenu graduellement la vie

représentée, un résumé du destin, habituée de penser que parler pèse trop léger.

J’ai grande expérience dans la vie des désastres par l’eau, mais le sorcier de la montagne n’est pas un nuage…

      那一刻,我们都只说了半句,就已经互相心领神会。 那样的沧海,






呵呵!沧海月明珠有泪, 蓝田日暖玉生烟 追忆中永远的惘然……

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    31 janvier 2010 0 h 01 min

    some sentence is translated great! I have to say ,incredible great.But it still have some sentence go far away from the meaning .because I always quoted some ancient famouse poem(sometimes a sentence ,but sometimes just a fow word,if you have no enough knowlege about these ,it is very easy to make big mistake in translation.For example.the last sentence: 呵呵!沧海月明珠有泪, 蓝田日暖玉生烟。 追忆中永远的惘然……..You translated like this,it is wrong completelyOn sea pearl tears, Lam Japan Nuanyu puff. Remembrance in forever Wang Ran … … In fact ,沧海月明珠有泪, 蓝田日暖玉生烟 was from a ancient poem wrote by a Tang Dynasty poet,李商隐,(Li Shang Yin) ,沧海 means big ocean in ,Because 沧 means very wide,boundless. 蓝田,is a place in there product a very famouse and valuable jade .These two sentence described some very precious memories in poet mind.Those memories just like when the sea under moonlight ,the sea water look like pearl tears,and also like when the sun shine and make the 蓝田 warmly,(日not Japan,日 is SUN ), the smog rises……

  2. LEAVES permalink
    31 janvier 2010 0 h 12 min

    About 呵呵!generally ,I think shoudn\’t be transleted to "ha,ha" bucause ,Ha ha is laughing.we describe laughing with 哈哈,not 呵呵!呵呵,is Modal word,used to express emotion or regret …..

  3. LEAVES permalink
    31 janvier 2010 3 h 58 min

    " so that to say that the export component has been too light. " I think it would be better if were translated like this(I tried to do it by my limited English,but because it is wrote by me,So I think I can try to do more close to what I have expressed)So that ,now It has been lost the weight as soon as saying it (those verse which have been said again and again) out again

  4. 1 février 2010 2 h 16 min

    Dear Yezi, I thank your for your kind explanations. It helps for few aspects. See, I didn\’t had really all the necessary time to work on this translation. And still this was too much puzzling.I only took, here, one of three different automatic translations. Next step for me is to compare better those translations with your explanations.Also, I read some Mao\’s poems, and one of them mentions Wu peak, or Wushan. He was already dreaming of this big dam they finally built, displacing millions of peoples. Yes, automatic translation is not fit to render this very specialized form of traditional poetry in your language.You refer to this tradition with, I guess, three and four levels of meanings simultaneously valid and affecting each other, in a global of final meaning, stronger I guess, but almost impossible to graps without possessing all those references. But meaning is not only about nature, nor human feelings with emotion like love or despear or hate, but also historical and political comment.I have read that characters tend to reproduce mental image if you understand intention of original writer of poem. Problem for me is this is precisely what I would like to understand and know better. But, okay, thank you for now. I will continue to learn. Even if you want to change nature ar aspects in our relationship.

  5. 5 février 2010 9 h 23 min

    呵呵!沧海月明珠有泪, 蓝田日暖玉生烟。 追忆中永远的惘然……..Now, does this means that you renounce Love, my dear… "forever frustrated and deceived" … Crop in farmland never nourishing ? Seriously, please, what can I understand from that ? Would you still care to answer this ? See, I am deeply puzzled.

  6. LEAVES permalink
    5 février 2010 10 h 20 min

    I think “惘然” means disconsolate,void or melancholy.disappoint, not means rustrated and deceived.I dont want to renounce,But just can\’t be sure if I still have enough passion for love ,after experiencing the ocean about love …….and if I can still believe love after seeing the cloud on the WUSHANG disappeared ……It seems my heart has stayed in the past time and my passion has slept…….

  7. 5 février 2010 10 h 26 min

    Then, you mean that OUR passion is over, yes ? How can you be so radical, cruel, and bad to yourself ??!!!

  8. LEAVES permalink
    5 février 2010 10 h 40 min

    No ,I dont mean that .But ,if compare all fo my passion now with the passion in past time ,just like not from my soul ,only from my mind .I try to love agian ,try to get love again ,my soul want to be touch again …….when I feel my soul still can\’t be touch ,I am really so sad and disappoint……yes ,I am trying ,but love is not about doing try ….LOVE IS " 可遇而不可求”……

  9. 5 février 2010 10 h 44 min

    Yes, but maybe this is sign that you are maturing. Thinking must not be enemy of emotion in Love. Everything CAN connect !

  10. LEAVES permalink
    5 février 2010 10 h 44 min

    May be I need time ,I need think of myself clearerly,I need ……..

  11. LEAVES permalink
    5 février 2010 10 h 47 min

    I feel may be I am not maturing forever as a woman…….

  12. 5 février 2010 10 h 55 min

    You need a lover. That is my opinion. But your stiff mind would not permit that. This is a nightmare. Or you lie. Or you searh for other love, seemingly more convincing… You are free my dear. My suggestion, for cure or your delusion and neurosis, my therapy, is that you find a sex partner, not for love but just for easing tensions in physical body. This would permit you to wait for meeting me, if you wtill believe we have to meet…

  13. 5 février 2010 11 h 01 min

    Neurotic attachment to the past : this photo of you so nice little girl (how old were you? 4, 5 years old?) : this is what you love, image of yourself as pure and naive. Your are the same one, but evolved. Pitiful retarded narcissism, that induce you cultivating this tragic posture. Lead to death by suffocation of the heart.

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