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Pure Love

23 janvier 2010

I want this also… but, aren’t we dreaming ?

Pure Love ? How is it even possible in this material world ?

 First guess is : this is not.

 Not possible to realize this perfection, in actual living conditions, considering the arrangements we have to make, realistically, to come to practical relationships livable in a day-to-day basis  for fulfilling basic and other needs. Obligations, duties, responsibilities in family life, professional relationships, even burden in solitude…

 But thinking does not stop there. We must consider, at second look, that pure emotions and sentiments are originating from the inner part, inside our living being, the Heart, then this Love can be an enlightenment and decision to see this little spark inside, first. One has to follow up and to consider this carefully : he has to find means to intensify this marvelous (and like out from this world emotion) feeling.

 Love is all about freedom… at first : to see this sparkle first. And then to decide to follow this bliss…

But then comes quickly consideration for the other part of this sensible equation. It turns out this is the essential part. One is ready to forget himself completely to comfort the One that is unique Object and Subject to this Love.

So also love seeks other dimensions to affirm its  walking through the Path. Those are mutual understanding, confidence, faith : all idealistic values… never to be fully realized…

 Liberty is relative to obstacles it encounters. Understanding with who’s words ? Confidence, so far away!, knowing so little, with wounds from the past ? … Faith ! Yes, only faith, and a good, solid one can jump over the obstacles, meanings and words, difficulties in characters and deficiencies, like a big bright sun to heal deep wounds : like the Eye of God Himself, seeing us grow…  and rejoin, one day, if lucky…

As you said, "do your best, and hope for destiny" :

I have to wish for the best, and act accordingly. This takes a lot of courage.

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