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Haitian Earthquake

14 janvier 2010

Have you seen this enormous catastrophe shed upon an already very much poor unsecured and disadvantaged people ? Haitians ! (Would you dare to say that so-called "American" imperialism and corruption in global capitalism promoting drug market (there is no clean money in globally corrupted capital market) is in no way responsible for the human magnitude of this horrible catastrophe?) Big boy, oh yeah !?

They are proud, they are lively, probably more lively than you and me ! ( eh eh !… ), they are minority in this Big Boy America system…, recorded first nation to claim Independance from western Imperialism (French, this is, in Napoleonian era—this is after (and counter-)revolution in Europa, growing into Hegemony… —maybe some lesson to draw from history? [He-He!…]).

Have you seen this enormous blow upon human anthill ? I have seen in TV that China will help a lot, "America" also and Canada. Don’t you see there is a natural shared and common interest, beyond idle actual political direction, in my country actually, by those backwarding conservatives, about to disappear, IF public opinion come to vote (in my opinion, the sooner, the better). In other words : IF democracy can work… actual question.

My passion toward you… longing for warmth, human normal body sharing love, physical, caresses, begs for marriage, reasonable, between our two countries, so complementaries, real basic and historical opportunity, for NOW : tandem, to help opening spaces for livable, lively future : for love, lot of people can share love. Why not ? We have to DEMAND THAT, people of the world. And I demand to touch your divine body. Same struggle! Love for little me and big everybody.
Your J.

P.S. : Love, my dear. I need to touch You ! Fuck, man !!!! I am mad : for reallllll !!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH my GOD!!!!!

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  1. 14 janvier 2010 0 h 47 min

    Dear, please forgive me in my surge of emotion. I am so happy to know you, to know that something like a being resembling you can actually exist (I thought only in my dreams such being could exist) in real and actual material world (never underestimate material existence); but more even so, that You are this One, like Especially designed or meant) for doing some difference in, yes, the universe… and (also) in existence. Because also, between just you and me, given all those incoming catastropies in this human world, we still have to choose and to live our normal, maybe, and humanly happiness. I pray my God of love very much for (You see ) that…

  2. 15 janvier 2010 12 h 57 min

    Bravo ! Chinese team for emergency and International Rescue was the first to come to Haiti to help surviving suffering people. China is steadily improving fast intervention capacities all over the world. Wow !Yes, help the world first, and love after… But with the world today, always demanding help, maybe we will never kiss…

  3. LEAVES permalink
    15 janvier 2010 22 h 08 min

    We do that ,because our country need to chow a great image to world .Every international event is a political event for our contry and the government have the absolute power to do every thing ,so it can be quickly. Like 2008 Olympic,the government have the right to spent a huge investment dont need listen to citizen ,but in the same time ,there were a huge number children those whom live in remote villages have can\’t go to school because no money …….it seems you like dictatorial system and autarchy much more than democracy .But it is very pity that I have to tell you ,in China ,like your situation ,dont do any job ,can\’t get any money fromgovernment and can\’t get any medicine for your health.

  4. LEAVES permalink
    15 janvier 2010 22 h 11 min

    It really so difficult to make foreigner to understand China\’s situation .Oh!so I really dont like to discuss such thing with foreingner……

  5. 15 janvier 2010 22 h 23 min

    Yes, dear, you are right. Of course I don\’t praise with eyes closed. You don\’t have to be angry with me. And you do not have to explain much. I know that. And also probably you have to be cautious, and not criticize too hard or directly. I will try not to provoke you again on those kind of topics. No, I do not like dictatorship. Yes, I love democracy. It is just this not as perfect as it seems. But right, I am lucky to live in a tolerant country.

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