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Cold outside !

13 janvier 2010
Here in the night, Montreal, it is as cold as the coldest in Beijing
nights recently. But you enjoy a dryer atmosphere, still with some
dusts, maybe… Here, there is some clouds and from time to time, some
snowflake, but they are no more billions…

You are nationalist, you are thinking always in terms and references
about the situation in China. Yes you are thinking globally but the
core of your attention will still remain centered on situation for the
Chinese people seen as whole entity. I respect that. But that is why
you will reluctantly leave China, and always with the need to return.
For you, national view is the frame of your global thinking…

For me, similar and dissimilar aspects. The fact that I belong to a
proud national minority, relatively marginal French speaking community
in Northern America alters my view in many ways. I do not have the
problem of fending against hegemonian tempations but set aside, I can
keep distance with so-called "American" nightmare (1). Why nightmare ?
Because it seems so nice from the outside, glamorous images, and so
mean, uncontrolled avidity and predatorial passions, so ugly from the

I feel that a proud intellectual can not be so proud of being, like
they say, "an American". As Canadian, I am an American too. As a
Québécois, I am a French speaking American, and this is very
interesting cultural situation to build a bridge with European Union,
where French, English and German, with Italian and Spanish, share the
stage. Poles, Danes, Swedish… interesting : they learn the three
first above mentioned languages.

But if to seduce you I have to become a Chinese, we have to convene
that my chances are very slim. At me age, even immersion would not go
so far in results to impress you. I took some infos : it would cost me
up to 5000$ for immersion stage, intensive course (4.5 hours each day,
for one month), in Beijing or Shanghai just to acquire basic knowledge.
And I am sure this is worth the trip, wonderful experience, even beside
You. But still remain for me delays problem to secure this amount in

In this winter, so cold outside!, we can only dream, for the moment, to
go away, out in foreign countries. Only the rich can fly to south and
stay at the sunny beach. But we are rich inside. You are willing to
sacrifice your personal happiness to help people in your country. Or
more even so : your personal happiness is to help people in your
country. So, chances are that foreign love affair appear just like a
beautiful dream.

Still, this dream is feasible. Yes, we can do it ! Can we become as One ? We already did, in some ways… Future is not written, desire unites us. When there is a will, there is a way !
(1) I write "so-called American" because in fact the elites of the
United-States have usurped the name for the whole continent to
characterize the people living only in the United-States. But this
continent, Northern America is shared, really, by three big and great
countries, of which Mexico and Canada. In fact, this country, very
noisy and turbulent that take himself so seriously, trying to pump to
their use the maximum resources of the planet, is a country with no
name ! United States of America : is this a name ? Are their citizen
called "Satesians"… or "Unitedians"… or even "Unite-Statesians"…
You see, absurdity. This country is yet to name… in his own
language… Because in your benevolent Chinese language, you gave a name too gentle…

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    13 janvier 2010 9 h 34 min

    It is the great comments about U.S.A I have heard! Yes,United States of America,It really isn\’t like a name for a country,But ,it is just like UK. and beside,any way ,they creat a great democratic system .Yes ,they have no long history and trandional culture ,their thinking is so simple but lucid,have no any complex expression.They just like a big boy ,full of happiness with "uncontrolled avidity and predatorial passions"(like you wrote).

  2. 13 janvier 2010 10 h 45 min

    Great democratic system, as you wrote, is corrupted by Big Money. Only because so big economic crisis exploded caused Obama to be elected : financiers didn\’t even know what to do about this collapse from contradictions the system they have enforced. There is still a little chance for deep reform, but all problems are still there, unsolved. "American" capitalism is montruous, abnormal event in history. Like cancer. I think, but happy to discuss. And happy to hear from you. Hope everything is fine, dear.

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