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8 janvier 2010
Human are perspectivists. This means that human beings with normally functioning brains see images about near and distant future, possibilities they prospect, and situations in which they picture themselves, because they "hope" to realize (or avoid, like fears and nightmares, but this is not the topic here today), or tend to make happen, so, like situation to "create" with planing and whole set of deliberate efforts. So, already those "imaginations" involve a certain degree of action. They are, in fact, preparation to conscious will and deliberate action.

This idea was brought to full attention in the philosophical scene by the immortal character of Frederic Nietzsche. He was the prominent figure to attract attention of thinkers about question of intentionality (main and basic concept of phenomenological trend in modern philosophy, starting with Edmund Husserl). This concept provides methodological basis to investigate central dimensions in living humans experience in their journey, like purpose, goals, choice, project(s) (THE –fundamental existential choice– Project [Sartre’s contribution] is not same thing as other multiple projects one can have and change easily), situation and freedom, also responsibilities and values.

This existential structure is ecsatsis, of intentionality, that makes the human beings (both mind and affectivity) ejected from themselves, no comfortable place, and projected all over the world. Ecstasis means that, from ancient Greek, like 1) Ex — ex-pulsed, ex-teriorized, and 2) stasis : state, steady or quiet place : This means that man’s mind cannot sit in itself or rest there, alone in fulfillment. Similar to role of void in WU, at same time nothingness and unknown dimension from which whole Being originates.

By mind (1), man is a wanderer thrown to various paths in the world. This is structural necessity of this kind of being with so big brain with symbolism and expectations. Calculus does not exhaust senses experience and playing with meanings. This (endless quest) leads to the constitution of the subjective world, that have to confront with others, in the One physical world that we all have to share in many ways. This harsh debut should not permit you to forget that Philo-sophy is also Love (Philein : to love, in A.Gr. ; Sophia : wisdom), but, here, love not only for Yezi, but love for wisdom and knowledge (often it is the "and" that poses problems).

But all this, my dear Yezi, is to introduce this simple and very particular example, on purpose. Two days ago, when I began investigating practical possibilities for me to go to China to meet you, I slipped into this day dreaming, progressively, and ending picturing myself arriving at this airport in Beijing. Best hypothesis : You are there, behind the gate, to welcome me. So I see me walking to you, putting down my luggage and kneeling before You, kissing your hand. You could see me smiling just before hearing me telling to You this little poem I wrote for this occasion. So I see you staring around, maybe a little embarrassed because of the attendance witnessing (meanwhile, everybody is moving around, doing their business), but I hope, very proud at same time and beaming, glowing with satisfaction.

In my imagination, in this scene, you are touched by my little poem, but quickly you make me stand in front of you, to greet me with few sweet words, and you kiss me, a bit shyly on my cheeks… yes but in between I manage to catch your lips with mine, just for a second. Then, quickly we walk to the outside to take a taxi. Where we go ? This I don’t know. But if I picture the possibility that we go to your place, I can see us two sitting at a round table and sipping tea, talking a bit cautiously and nervously at first, but then warming up and sharing openly this wonderful experience, enlightened chosen moment : Yes, at last ! I see you and you are there, my dear ! And You see me, I am there too ! I am with you, in one same place, at your place !

And this is welcome, this best blank sheet to write, together, texts of conversation, and story of our relationship taking, finally, concrete, solid proportions.

You have to know, I was thinking exactly this in bed, before my sleep the Wednesday night, and before seeing your note yesterday morning… erasing this so nice scenario I was eager to write… to live ! And as you said, this must or should be so simple ! Lots of people do that and are happy in love, travelers and others. Being together.

I relieved myself having wrote that for now, and so on I can proceed and attend other activities to make me a good remaining of the day. During your sleep so sweet, I sent to you nice dreams… I hope !

Your J.

Does this apply to Mind and Spirit? I feel spirit is, in all, a complete new dimension in experience of living human beings, an other aspect to those problems, better
solution I think, but generally not taken into account by investigations in most western
. Yes, this is a problem, because then, science is seen as the only reliable source of truth about this universe. But science isn’t advanced enough now to explore yet every kind of energy/matter relationship. Some spiritual powers are yet to be explained, if they could…

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  1. 22 janvier 2010 20 h 02 min

    I am a bit curious as to know why you didn\’t dare to comment this one, as well as the precedent message (at least, not directly in here…). But I guess you read this carefully, so, this is no real question, just teasing, enticing maybe.

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