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Unexpected new plans to travel…

7 janvier 2010
Unexpected new plans to travel…

From my window, I see not only snow falling these times, but every day throughout years I saw planes coming from all over the world and getting at airport Pierre Elliot Trudeau, formerly Dorval airport, here, in Montreal. Often more than 8 or nine each hour… I usually almost do not pay attention to these futile event, almost symbolic of unsustainable consumption… I didn’t thought a minute that I could very possibly take one of these airplanes (–yes, my starship is still to repair—), in way back home, until very recently. Upon your astounding suggestion, this more than crossed my mind… As a matter of fact, I was looking at form to ask for passport few minutes ago, and before that, this morning, I was inquiring also on Internet to see best deals to fly to Beijing, best time… I had to attend resident’s committee in between, tonight.

I just happen to think, maybe direct fly would be better, if possible and not too much more costly, to avoid passage by USA and thus, supplementary asking for US green card. Passport in itself seem not to pose a problem. With all required information, references and respondent, supporting documents, this proceed in less than two weeks. But before I have to ask for birth certificates ( I have already but probably outdated — they demand until 1993) or citizenship certificate. A little embarrassing was to fill the "employment" section. I had to put "personne au foyer", that is something like "living at home", and more fitted for housewives that didn’t had to work since two years or more… They will surely ask for revenue sources… and in this case, mine, this is Social Welfare… not very exciting.

But nonetheless, as Canadian citizen, I have the right to ask for passport, and possibility to travel abroad. Maybe they will ask some more questions. We’ll see at proper moment. But they have to rely on good reasons, maybe hidden, to refuse to deliver this passport to me. Maybe a case to bring on court, if problem, but I would prefer not to have to do this. Delays, more than cost : as poor, financially, I am entitled to Judiciary Aid, and can ask for free for a lawyer to work on my case. But, yes… delays…

Lets not think for the worse, think positive. OK, it seems there are no direct non stop fly from Montreal to Beijing available. One stop (Newark) I see best cost, for 1st of Marsh to return on14th of Marsh (for example) at 993 U$ (taxes and fees included)… Affordable with some help from my friends (or I can sell books! What else?…) … This may very well work, provided all other conditions, like good health and all legal documents. So, do you think, my dear, we could have this baby, finally ? (—Just joking ! do not fear much my dear : and besides, I don’t even know if you will accept to kiss me, to begin with!)… Well, also, asking for Chinese visa, must take this step early, maybe longer delays. Plus or meanwhile, this green card thing, because of unavoidable stop in the US.

I take some risks with confidence, and I engage myself, in doing so, in a desired new life that will come maybe with You ! Oh, my dear !

At this point, you understand that all advices are seriously to be considered, if not immediately accepted !

Wow ! but… at same time, breathe deeply, my little Jacques… (Nonetheless, wow!)

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    7 janvier 2010 8 h 10 min

    I am sorry for mentioning travel to China.I really dont know it is not easy to you.It seems you really close yourself just in a place too long time.In this age,travel even all over the world is becoming a normal thing .I just know now so many foreigners travel to China ,and so many chinese travel to abroad. For myself ,one of the important plan after retirement ,is travel to a lot of contry,So ,for that plan ,just make and save money ,then every year ,go to one country. So, perhaps I can\’t understand your trouble…….if it is so difficult to you ,may be you shouldn\’t do that…….

  2. 7 janvier 2010 9 h 20 min

    Come on ! … this is just "plain description" of what I already did and thought, as first approach to the question. It is true I am not use to travel because this was long time ago since I went to study in France : remember, it was just after the death of chairman Mao that I arrived in Paris, in September 1976.So I have to get accustomed to this idea and proceed step by step, BEING ENCOURAGED by you, not being let down like that… I always told you, you can and are used to travel, so better if you come first. But since you say you can\’t, I have to consider seriously this other possibility.Your Jacques, with my heart !

  3. 7 janvier 2010 9 h 43 min

    Not easy, right, and I just wanted you to have knowledge of those kind of difficulties I have to face, but maybe SOONER OR LATER ! Sure, if I just wait for you to come, I get the better part of it… but ,maybe I will end up with nothing… But if I do my part, you check that I am serious about US!, then this may encourage you to plan better… and advise me for good ! No ?

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