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Snowflakes are dancing at my window

3 janvier 2010

are dancing at my window

Do you
remember, my dear Yezi, that I told you that my building stands alone in the
middle of the construction site for the new complex in wich my place, like the
one for the others, is reserved, this is for next year, and in the top of the
tower, I hope. For now, I am at third floor, so just under the roof.

Workers (at
the company that planed and builds the whole complex, now in early stage of
development, basements of big towers of first phase being put in place) have
installed big lights to improve security in the site at night. This is why I
can see, even now, an amazing spectacle.

Here too
snow is falling. And almost continuously, with some pauses, for five days ! Not
much but consistently : this will give huge accumulation at the end. Because
this is not finished. We still have for three or four days to live in this
weather system, maybe more !

Often wind
is gusting, often it calms down. I am at my bedroom window, looking east, so
your picture is next behind me. I write in portable and I see very well
snowflakes illuminated big this big light : they seem, each of them, like a
spark from magical fire. Magical ? Because usually sparks from fire are red or
yellow against the night sky. But here, sparks are pure crystalline white !

I see
myriads dropping, some time quietly and steadily, but often with quick changes
and tormented spirals when winds shift direction. With this kind of lightning,
it shows neatly the fate of each ot the ten thousand beings living their quick
life, in the vast valley of time.

snowflake, I thought, appear like this little spark, from divine flesh, that is
placed at the core of individual soul, for all living and sentient beings. I had
the idea of making a poem from that vision, but all I can do now is simply to
tell you. This amazement, and gratitude I feel for life and knowing you.

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    4 janvier 2010 6 h 44 min

    Yes,Thinking sometimes just like snowflackes ,flying in the sky ,freely ,with no direction.Where I am going to ?what I am longing for ?

  2. 4 janvier 2010 7 h 06 min

    But you know this is only in thinking my dear Yezi… in dreams… You long for more freedom but you are attached to China by many bounds. Even if you come here to settle for new life, you have to go back… periodically? I would like that you decide to make new life here (or elsewhere?) WITH ME… but we have some more time to discuss, and feel… I Love you so much! And you can ask me why…

  3. LEAVES permalink
    4 janvier 2010 7 h 31 min

    Yes,Why?Love always have no enough reason. May be just because you dont know me fully yet.Yes,May be I can\’t belong to any one place.I will always miss another place when I sday in one place .My heart is unhomeless.and look for home all the time ,But perhaps it just its destiny to wander on earth……my home is only in my dream?

  4. 4 janvier 2010 7 h 36 min

    Here, you are difficult my dear, like a vanishing ghost. Why this constant escape ? Maybe you try to evade your destiny… What about you personal happiness ? Nobody can catch the wind, but when you see true love, please, don\’t go away !!!

  5. LEAVES permalink
    4 janvier 2010 7 h 37 min

    " many bounds" .every kind of feeling means one of kind of bounds,becaus you will concern about those you love deeply ,not only somebody ,but some place ,city and cultural and natural……Yes ,that means all of my history ,my memories ……

  6. LEAVES permalink
    4 janvier 2010 7 h 43 min

    People can\’t live just with love which between lover.My love is wider ,also need wider love ….from friendship ,farmily member and so on…..

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