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2 janvier 2010
Yesterday I went to Boucherville, at my parents house, like every New Year’s day, in the afternoon. We had buffet with different dishes to eat and we talked a lot because we do not see each others very often during the year. This was a very pleasant gathering. Feeling was warm, filled with love and mutual understanding, and I even regain friendship with father, as you advised me.

I will go to help him arranging his place this February. Since years this is a dense mess and at 82 he do not have the physical strength and endurance to do this by himself. This is his media room : he has, there, many electronic sophisticated equipments but also lots of things from the past and large part we have to dispose of.

Mother was radiant, although afflicted by a bad sore in her back. Brother was happy to see me, his wife Francine also and we all got along very well. One word to summarize yesterday’s event : harmony. We were all seeking and attained, together, harmony in good will. And I was very pleased with one gift my mother gave me. She arranged in a very nice set up the enlarged second photo you sent me in your first email to me : the one in blue. Adorable but complex, tense You. So now, You are permanently installed at head of my bed, in the shelf just over my head, when I sleep, behind me, when I meditate facing East.

Please my dear, do no doubt that I love you dearly. I thought I could help you in many ways, but it seems more difficult than before… I pray for you to see better, maybe clearer in your self, in mind and spirit. I pray the God for the distant chance that your delicious body belongs to me. Maybe, one day…….

Love my dearest, so sorry to………

Your Jacques

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    2 janvier 2010 22 h 26 min

    Oh,My Dear Jacques:Thank your mother ,Thank you .I have never thought about that you will place my photo at your bed room.I also so happy that you have a harmony atmosphere in your family on new year\’s day.It is just what I like to see.I am really happy for that. It is a good signal for your 2010. In China,We have a words,“家和万事兴”,means ,when family is harmony,everything will be going to very well.You know ,if I was with you together ,I would like to go to visit your parent every weekend,if it was welcome by them.

  2. 2 janvier 2010 22 h 33 min

    Sure they would welcome you. They already love You, hearing and understanding the way I speak of You, with them. My mother seems to understand special link we have. And also, importance You have to me, more than a wonderful dream….

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