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The stone

2 janvier 2010
Now I think I do not have to justify myself.
I exist as I am and that’s a start, for each moment the first stand.
My action is obscure, unknown, and this is fine. My bliss is eternal.
Time is mine. Others have to behave. I stand still. Like a witness !?
Now, if you can not love me, yes, true me, well… okay. It is your decision.
What can I do to change that ? So be it ! You have to see by yourself.
I am the same. Solid like a stone.
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  1. LEAVES permalink
    2 janvier 2010 19 h 52 min

    Yes,You are the same ,and I am the same .we try to enter the world each other ,and thinking about create a new world for us .But is not easy,when we own a diffirent world form each other ,and we try hard to understand and learn everything about another world,love seems not enough strong like we thought.STONE.Yes,it is very strong ,You and me ,are the same ,like a stone stay with the style of ourself.Changing is not easy ,isn\’t it ?love is weak,not like stone…….Yes,I dont know ,Eeveything is destiny,May be…….

  2. 2 janvier 2010 21 h 29 min

    Not easy, you are right. And there is no obvious solution at sight right now. You summarized well the main difficulty : this is to build a bridge between our two worlds. I understand you will always be a Chinese woman, and I respect that very much. And I always will be a non-Chinese man, with only very partial knowledge of your culture. Patience maybe not enough, but it is uncertainties that disperses strength of our love. By Starship you keep me at distance. I am losing ground while you do other things.And yes, changing is difficult. But I didn\’t say I will not improve. It is without a CLEAR SIGNAL that I sensed I had to state that I AM ME, first. I Love You, Dear. If you love me the same there must be less problems…

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