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On sex… (version 2)

30 décembre 2009
Here, in the affluent market of the "Open Society", sex is seen
everywhere, in many perspectives but always highlighted. This is a feature of post-modern western “culture”… I take some
caution with this word, culture, because mainstream buzz, here, is devoted to instant.
Plain instant that connect truly to nothing, real plain lack of spirit, so certainly
not linked to infinity or any kind of eternity of anything.

Sex is often seen, here, either
like a sport here or like a disease, but always essential to comfort ego. It is
considered like normal appetite ; a bit like drinking, water or whatever
(alcohol, beer my dear), like eating… But this contradict rampant guilt feelings remnant from judeochristian reception of the Law… But more than often, quantity is
considered rather than quality : so, the more sex the better for the infatuated
ego. This could be the moto of narcissic individuals in western “culture”.

But since
sex is reduced to a merchandise, here you have, like in all other aspects, those
who have and those who have not : the rich and the poor. When you have not
in this “field”, this add a whole new dimension to your misery. Proletariat is not alone to experience lack of everything, and sometimes the more sensible misery is sexual. Like a pain in the ass, like they say, or like the splinter in the flesh, in more biblical terms.

“No money,
no candy!” is the simplest thing. But there is more than that for suffering from desires. Being rejected for
numerous reasons — yes, firstly because no money ! yeah ! — or because you choose to be yourself instead of following patterns and imitate conventional things, sure, this affects you deep inside.

If you have not already strong
mind and spirit, if no attachment to powerful values does not save you, your
self esteem is destroyed and your own life is at risk virtually at each
heartbeat, each respiration is oppressed. You do not dare to go outside easily because not approved in the meat market.

widespread superficial Freudian prejudice, they expect you with a set of neurosis. Glances
and constraints all conspire to tame the savage beast. Desire is shaken and after some time the beast is walking weakened. There is a deep wound near heart. The poor guy who has to hide, maybe he can heal… This question remain open but still he is the target for all wishful thinking. Hypocrites condemn him with all other well behaving so-called
respected citizen, as he falls into sticky hands of sex industry, prostitutes,
huge pornography showing.

You cannot
live alone, under this spell and huge pressures, everywhere in publicity, in
medias, without suffering at least some ailment, and most probably with
established patterns, causing distorted in self, imaginations and mind set.

with love is a major problem here, because true Love is more related
with religion, since the whole dimension of the sacred is deeply
involved, and sex is simply seen as a bodily function. There is the divorce between flesh and spirit. More profane
that that you die! "Having sex" like drinking a glass of water… “Fountain, fountain… never
say fountain I won’t drink…” are the common metaphors. Despair in the desert ,
every birds of love had flown away…

Of course,
if, by any chance, Life was seen as sacred too… Oh
then, it would make a huge difference. Because then, mind could reconciliate
spirit and body, as the temple

But in the
process of massive industry, at shop were body is seen and used as tool for the
machine that runs and plan production and consumption, body is functions and
faculties put together into one organism, spoilable and expendable as mean of
growth in Capital !

So, never
mind sacred Life, you little robot of flesh and blood and hide your feelings in
your nightmares. Do not disturb public order, fulfill rates at shop (follow rhythm of
machine) and go to hell hide your love away ! No surprise so many fantasize them as "sex machines" !

But when
people stop for a while and consider some wonders in life, when they sing that
they “Dream of a white Christmas”, I dream of making love with a special Asian
woman, and I think I know her name. Here I dream sex and Love can conjugate,
but maybe sex is not that important after all, when warmth and lights are so
high : you happen to see and feel things differently.

Yes, I
choose to believe –against mainstream culture that wants not and will have no
future–, that the body, with divine spark, is temple of spirit. I often think
about that, try to meditate better and try to make a mind about that. I have to
be strong… I have to become strong…

Oh, please, please, help me my dear !
(But no, dear, it is not that easy to think about dear You ! Considering the desert I live in.)


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  1. 6 janvier 2010 1 h 20 min

    You know, my dear, I am not very surprised you would not comment on that topic. But still, this is a problem I have. I tried here to analyze this situation and put it in context, cultural, social and moral.I am often obsessed with sex and this is certainly the most sensible part of my "misery" (you see, this is more a moral misery than a material one).In a normal couple situation, the cure would be "You", or, your involvement and the pleasure of being with your body (and mind and spirit, sure!).But now, like this, this is still difficult for me. I am happy this is not a so big problem for you.Here, I would appreciate at least that you acknowledge having seen this part and thought a bit about it. Okay, my dear ? I thank you for deep understanding.

  2. LEAVES permalink
    6 janvier 2010 2 h 22 min

    I am sorry for your "misery" about sex,Dear.But how can I do and what can I do for that?It is the cost of distance love .Yes, body always tell spirit that ,actually ,the desire of flesh is more strong than the joy of spirit. so hard to overcome.So ,it is perhaps just a signal that tell you distance love is not suited to your present situation,You better find a lover live in your country or can come to you very soon.(because you can\’t come to other contry and city,that means you can\’t resolve this problem by yourself)…..

  3. LEAVES permalink
    6 janvier 2010 2 h 30 min

    Yes ,Like you said ,you live in a desert ,but it seems you just need and ask for someone to come to your desert to cure you ,and why you can\’t do your best to find the path ,for leaving the desert to come to a oasis ?Even just for a short vacation ?

  4. LEAVES permalink
    6 janvier 2010 2 h 48 min

    I would\’t like to hear you tell me because you have no money for treval.If that is the truth,that means ,actually you know money is important in many situation .Yes ,it is very say but it is true reality. Yes , Maybe money can\’t create happy but can help people realize happy. ( 金钱不是万能的,但没有金钱是万万不能的。 translate: money can\’t do anything ,but if no money ,anything couldn\’t be done.) even the quality of spiritua life depend on owned enough good material condition.That is the important part of the reason that I have to do my job .

  5. LEAVES permalink
    6 janvier 2010 2 h 50 min

    correct:it is very sad but it is the true reality

  6. LEAVES permalink
    6 janvier 2010 2 h 52 min

    It is the true reality as well as the ruthless reality.but we have to face and learn to how to resolve.

  7. LEAVES permalink
    6 janvier 2010 8 h 13 min

    Oh,Dear, yes,I just hope ,if I can\’t come to see you soon,You can come to see me as soon as possible……..

  8. 6 janvier 2010 8 h 39 min

    Yes, my dear Love. I will try my best. Thank you for thoughtful sharing. I continue to study your realism lesson to fulfill passion ! Thanks my Love !

  9. 6 janvier 2010 13 h 19 min

    It is not only because the Path is steep and difficult that we can say that this is not the good Path. Here, for me, for now, those difficulties, like challenges, and all put together, are maybe the best thing that can actually happen to me…IF I can react correctly, and answer properly those challenges with good efforts, better planing, study, precise changes and limited or profound reforms, then, all this may represent (a last?) chance to connect with true and real and harsh, but also livable world.I keep faith that with your help and generous inspiration you give me, by sharing feelings of Love, this is possible (not easy or probable…) and I can overcome… Distance and time is part of this chance.True situations can be changed (almost only) with deliberate efforts to move toward ideal, isn\’t it ?Now, complete perfection can not be attained… We always have to accept that.

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