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29 décembre 2009
I sit down in my bed, tailor position, cushion underneath, in the afternoon. I will have to go to chess game in less than two hours. Equilibration of breathing, alterning pindala and ida, easily find peace of mind. This chess tournament is not important in itself but the fact I can observe how I feel and what I do in playing is. I am not this chess player, not only. I am also an observer, like witness that seek other mean. I do not put all myself in chess game. A model to observe, apply also in other situation maybe : observing some action (I am doing) not being completely absorbed by action. Good possibility, I think, to develop for future.

Good feeling, energy flowing, but no obvious connection. I did not realize at this time but I came late to chess game, because mixing time perception with one hour sooner. Played a good game, was winning… but inexplicably I lost !

How about that !?!?! I lost all four games in that tournament ! What do you think about that ?

Of course there is explanations… but who cares about explanations ?!

Do you care about explanations ?

Bye my dear, thank you for patience with me.

Your Jacques flying low…

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