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On hope…

28 décembre 2009
Forcedly, in our… or should I say, at least my, situation, we make a frequent use of this word : Hope.

I hope this, I hope that… Thank God that this "action" of hoping is not too tiring… Mainly, two references come into my mind when I consider hope.

1) This great novel by Andre Malraux, about civil war in Spain, that brought fascism and prepared for Second World War. The topic in this novel with poignant characters is exactly the lack of this so distant hope…

2) Nietzsche’s idea that hope is for the weak. Strong spirits act even without hope, and if favorable perspectives, they call this projects, goals and aims but with precise path and course of action. And this as nothing to do with this indeterminate, weeping, almost childish feeling called hope…

But, you know, Nietzsche was a tender soul. He strained his strengths almost all his life long and finally he collapsed… upon compassion for an old mare beaten on the street in Venice by its mad "owner". Slavery of the beasts human feed and use like things. Negating Life. So, this tough Nietzsche hübermensch collapsed on almost Buddhist like compassion for an humble and finished old horse. I suspect he was overwhelmed by unconscious identification with his own destiny that took him by surprise, being himself reduced in slavery by highest demands from his philosophical major opus, Das Wille zur Macht, on which he was desesperately working for ten years, trying to accelerate cadenza before the end.

And I though to myself, had Nietzsche had at least some hope… apart from rampant syphilis, in his blood, but this is another topic, he could have lived some more productive years… But for what. Alas, destiny is destiny, and his remain well recorded for truth seekers and lovers.

Thirdly, and finally, my dear, hope is what I see when I awoke in the sun, with a bright new day in perspective when I had slept well… I am writing this during you so sweet and so light sleep, my dear. Trying to imagine how and what shapes your dreams and what are they made of…

Hope you are not tired to hear me tell you I Love You !

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    29 décembre 2009 4 h 09 min

    I like this sentance wrote by Luxun ,on Hope,( a great Chinses writer who actived in 1930s,famouse for his critical stand to society in his novel and essay) ,希望本无所谓有无所谓无的,正像这世间的路。其实世间本没有路,走的人多了,也便成了路。

  2. 29 décembre 2009 7 h 59 min

    A very interesting author, it seems ! Yes, and I will seek to know more about him. Now, I guess you share lot of opinions of him, like about chastity, maybe, but do you share also his later judgment about deficiencies of characters system in Chinese writing ?I retain this comment by translator Victor H. Mair in Introduction to Lu Xun, An Outsider\’s Chats about Written Language (that I found on (very interesting site!) :" So deep were his feelings about the Chinese writing system that he was reported to have proclaimed shortly before his death, "Hanzi bu mie, Zhongguo bi wang" (If Chinese characters do not fade away, China will perish!). While this is admittedly a radical formulation of the problem posed by China\’s archaic script in the context of efforts to modernize the nation, Lu Xun was by no means the first Chinese scholar to blame the writing system for his nation\’s backwardness. "Big question : has the reform of modernized characters improved sufficiently cultural life to cope with challenges for the future ?

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