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About this « G »…

21 décembre 2009
About this « G »

This is a stand for vital principle in
this relationship : Truthfulness.

             This man was (is still) an evil one.
Very experienced, he knows women very well. And he knows how to manipulate
them. How ? He tells them exactly what they want to hear ! Ok, even if I am
wrong about this particular individual, the point still matters to underline
the principle. I do not speak only to please you : truth can be unpleasant.
But, you know that, somewhere else, it has nonetheless to be taken into account.

             I am sure he practiced a lot, before
getting across yours, with many other women profiles in AFF. Cleverly he
noticed a general pattern in dreams and desires of Chinese women. This is very
simple for him. He is expert to seduce lonely women. He plays the perfect
idealistic, because he knows the role and the character, by heart, like actor
in screen play of theater. But he is materialistic in fact, for real, and he
aims gaining real grip on you, playing with your feelings.

             This is important, you must
understand that. He does not care to contradict you, because he is suggestive
and insinuating : he wants to seduce you. So he played the exact role you asked
and even demanded from a man, reassuring. He has to be gentle, very attentive
to your wishes and needs, showing strength to give you warm comfort and
security feeling. You were very naive. I want you to admit that.

 And the proof that I am not like that, this is very
simple : I do not tell you only what you want to hear. I will
always tell you what I think. Because I dare to think by myself and I do not
fear to confront you, and attack your opinion if I think you are wrong. I may
be not always accurate, but my intentions are good : I want the best possible I
see to you and I pretend it goes by US, us two as a team, as we agreed once,
remember ?

 So you said living with you will not be easy. I
know that, but you have to know : reverse is true also. Living with me will not
be easy, better be prepared for that. Because we will not always agree. So we
will discuss and have arguments. But we will always, if sensible and lucky, reconcile in
feelings and tears, and in bed with caresses of love. So, from now on, the only
“G” I want to know about, is point “G” in your vagina. And also, maybe, Bach
concerto on “G” string.

 And if you are shocked with last stroke,
perfect : This is therapy, and at 51, this is about time ! You have to hear the exact
real words : I call your sex, vagina. Mine is penis. OK ? Oh my dear ! I am no
little boy, I am 55 ! I feel urgent time to accept and to choose to be happy and
with whom?! Very important choice ! You and me, if you decide that way. This is my dearest wish.

And if you still doubt it, about urgent time
for you (and me, yes), ask your daughter : she will show you some new tricks.
Youngsters are not so rigid anymore. Not like in your time. This is cultural
evolution, discrete, not showy revolution, like Mass Opera.

All this because I care about you and for better relationship. If you do not agree, tell me were I go wrong. We can discuss details.

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    21 décembre 2009 23 h 55 min

    Mao Zedong( Chairman Mao)said: no investigation,No speaking right!

  2. 22 décembre 2009 1 h 55 min

    Right ! But what about principle ? You get the idea ?

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