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20 décembre 2009
                        Sends G

I have thought originally, even if I gradually have silenced for various reasons, but I have never left the previous place.

I stand in here. All paths can still arrive.

You will find me. Tells me to be able to be good, all past, belonged to us in the future

– – once a lot of places told me on like you to be the same.

If my disappear, you will ascend the lost notice.

But the present, I in previous place, you actually have still cancelled all trails.

I did not know that my silence causes you so to be injured unexpectedly,

Let you choose completely forever has vanished.

Once let us feel the so small world,

Already became so boundless boundless.

Really in life and death great distance heart pain

Has been unable with to forgive the melt.

Because of already there is no place

The placement forgives words and expressions

As well as that once nearly nearby ear’s sound ………….


Tells me, in there, why

We enter lose like this mutually


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  1. LEAVES permalink
    20 décembre 2009 7 h 33 min

    I am sorry Dear ,it is for the past love ,I can\’t forget ,Yes ,but I have to forget ,I write it in my blog that means I dont hide it to you ,My heart always is transparent as crystal!It have pasted for more than hlfe year,But I ofern feel pain for that .G and I ,I cant finally to be together ,it is our destiny,When I remember all of past ,I am sad and pain and even sometimes feel despair…..I have to forget that ,yes ,I will ……but how I can …..Oh,dont ask me too much, G and I have never meet each other even just once!

  2. 21 décembre 2009 19 h 01 min

    Thanks for not hiding your true feelings. In time I will be able to accept, if you give me this time… Maybe, as you know me better, you will find I am not the man for you. Distance makes sorrow and unhappiness, for unfulfilled desires even painful. Will we ever meet, me, Jacques, and you, Yezi. I am not sure of that, even not too optimistic as long as you do not choose ME!, not similar role you expect. Thus repeating bitter experience of despear, sacrifice for nothing, your life alone, without legitimate happiness. Can I help you? Can I do all those things I have to do? I don\’t know my dear, as long as you haven\’t yet really choosen me. Everything disperses in uncertainties. I need the right to believe to act properly. Now everything is confused. My energy vanished. Was not even jealousy for jealousy is a sentiment, with selfcounsciousness. I was strucked by a very primitive emotion, primary process : body directly affected, burning inside like in HELL, felt rejected. I can really die this way, heart crushed. No imagination : direct hit on starship.I am now afraid of future, just like you maybe.

  3. 21 décembre 2009 19 h 05 min

    I meant : distance makes sorrow even MORE painful…

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