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On becoming

16 décembre 2009
Checking source of main citation I like, posted here on profile enhancement, I correct that true reference was to Pindar (ca. 522–443 BC), and not Seneca. Pindar was seen by Latin erudite "by far the greatest of the nine lyric poets, in virtue of his inspired
magnificence, the beauty of his thoughts and figures, the rich
exuberance of his language and matter, and his rolling flood of
eloquence, characteristics which, as Horace rightly held, make him inimitable." (according to Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (ca. 35 – ca. 100))…

Article in Wikipedia suggest greatly :

   Pindar is the first Greek poet whose works reflect extensively on the nature of poetry and on the poet’s role.
Like other poets of the Archaic Age, he reveals a deep sense of the
vicissitudes of life and yet, unlike them, he also articulates a
passionate faith in what men can achieve by the grace of the gods, most
famously expressed in his conclusion to one of his Victory Odes:

Creatures of a day! What is a man?
What is he not? A dream of a shadow
Is our mortal being. But when there comes to men

A gleam of splendour given of heaven,
Then rests on them a light of glory

And blessed are their days. (Pythian 8)

Okay, two references came to me easily in Nietzsche’s text : par. # 270 in The Gay Science, and subtitle of auto(critical)biographical book Ecce Homo : "How one becomes what he is"… Interesting. This book, his last, is to read with at least some indulgence : the man was stretching out with last strengths to make his point. Without love, he succumbed in madness shortly after this (read good biography of special character of this Nietzsche man), a "dynamite"! compressing all throughout his life span. No surprise at the end he explodes!

I go to #270 , very short.

­­~Que te dis ta conscience? "- Tu dois devenir l’homme que tu es."
my tr.: –What tells you your conscience? "- You have to become the man you are."

Pretty short indeed, but enormous program. Conscience, here, is the innermost feeling you often write about. Not only paradox but in a way similar to your favorite citation : forces that shape destiny are dealing with Time. No time instant equals eternal ; or eternal comes back relentlessly to bare on this crucial instant.

No time or Eternal recurrence of Time ? We are not in between. We are at connection to choose between being or nothingness. We may fail but we have to try. And, yes, some different things each of us can choose to try. I thought we already agreed on something.

In the same book, I look a bit forward, to # 285.

Excelsior! "You will never pray again, never adore again, never again rest in endless trust; you deny yourself any stopping before ultimate wisdom, ultimate goodness, ultimate power, while unharnessing you thoughts; you have no perpetual guardian and friend for your seven solitudes; you live without a view of mountains with snow on their peaks and fire in their hearts; there is no avenger for you, no eventual improver; there is no reason any more in what happens, no love in what will happen to you; no resting place is any longer open to your heart, where it has only to find and no longer to seek; you resist any ultimate peace, you want the eternal recurrence of war and peace. Man of renunciations, do you want to renounce all this? Who will give you the necessary strength? Nobody yet has had this strength." There is a lake which some day refused to flow off and erected a dam where it hat hitherto flowed off: ever since, this lake has been rising higher and higher. Perhaps that very renunciation will also lend us the strength to bear the renunciation itself; perhaps man will rise even higher when he once ceases to flow out into a god.

I guess that within this kind of mindset, his lake was bound to pierce or overrun the dam and then disperse. A lot like Ancient Greeks, Nietzsche mismanaged his relation to deities. With no love to live, he had no confidence to the flow! I think (better?) we must learn by his mistake. For me it is not theoretical : I need this practice : relation to you and with the God of Love. This is the Path, I see, by which I could become the man I am. Maybe seven solitudes are still not enough, or maybe way out too much. Luckily a man can still walk on his feet. I did not began yet antifongus treatment. This does not means I walk in the clouds.

What about you, now, my dear ? I have really hard time trying to interpret your sibylline words in a very strange language for me. Seems like mockery from another planet ; can be very humiliating sometimes. Why not tell me some better advice for now directly ? I ask you. Not noisily.

Extreme expression was exaggeration due to panic felt like being cut from you. Spontaneous expressionism. Not physical death meant, but mind violent chock and spiritual big defeat. That one I still can not accept. Unless you force me to : is this what you want ? I can accept defeat, even big as this, and survive, over time… but I do not deserve mockery.


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  1. LEAVES permalink
    17 décembre 2009 6 h 48 min

    No! there are no any mockery! But ,I think you always go too far and too deep.even deeper and deeper ,I wouldn\’t like follow you into this deep thinking tunnel.Because I have ever walked in there for long time ,I found that is not a beautiful path of life for me. So I walk out form there finally .Now ,I would prefer like to act and resolve everything much more than thinking deep. Do what you have to do and be able to do for yourself or for other people you love or like.Acting means power.When I am Young, too much thingking take my too much time of life ,Now ,I have no time to continue just like that age any more .Because just like I have told you ,I face so many things that need to act and resolve every day…………..

  2. 18 décembre 2009 17 h 07 min

    … Yes, Yez. Because you won\’t mock my efforts, although ridicule may seem, I continue to listen to your singing. And I will respond with mine, not opera, but signing straight from the heart.When You act, I meditate. While you meditate, I act. Do not think of me, dream of me.Without beard, I look much younger, and handsomer than ever. When I smile, serene, in meditation, guess I must be irresistible, a bit shining, probably. My eyes are full of fire and I look at You !In two persons we are One complete being. Time flies very quick…

  3. LEAVES permalink
    19 décembre 2009 4 h 05 min

    But.I am thinking perhapes I am not completely able to understand your life style in your country. How you can only live with meditate?You keep your life style,Yes .You have a good education backruound ,in my opinion and values, as a intellectual ,we have to do something for this world ,for other people ,It is from my parents ,even in the hardest times, they always did help that they were able to do for other people.So ,I do my best in this contry , in that situation ,I feel life is meaningful. Therefore I hope and look forward to your act .What will you want to do ?First ,for yourself ,for your life meaning,second ,for love ,and third ,for this world?

  4. 19 décembre 2009 11 h 28 min

    My dear Yezi, just after our so nice talking when you go to bed, I write to you, full of very good feelings. Full of love to and from you.You know THIS IS TRUE! I never felt this kind of love before !!! You must know this too, this is a very special event. So, we will be confident: with the help of God, in harmony with nature, things will come to us in the right time. And with our own help, for acting together. Yes, Yez, I believe time will come for US!This is not impossible luxury… this is very vivid and urgent necessity : this is need we share and I submit to your wisdom for Love.Within next week, in few days, I will write, here, more about this social relationship you cleverly ask about. I know and you are right this is important matter (not easy though…). Like Sartre always insisted that liberty comes with responsibility. Therefore I have to try to justify myself for living this liberty, freedom to use my time. And I also have to improve and change important aspects in my practical life.(But right now I would like to have a million dollar to go to see you and put all this at your feet. Myself bending in adoration.So, more to come, but I am so happy already being WITH YOU ! Glass half full ! Yeah! that is not too bad… for a beginning !With all my Love, Yezi, have nice dreams, sleep well and have a good week. I am your little big boy.

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