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On hegelian reference

15 décembre 2009
What is the weight of this name, G.W.F. Hegel, in current discussion about present state of affairs and expectations about national collective destiny in China ? This I don’t know. How this reference is received now in cultural context where higher thoughts and thinking seem to be deserted ? Probably can do no harm.

I find when State authority is at service, so to speak, only for some particular interests, then, violence is rising like water level at a dam, because everything seems permitted, no Justice –I mean fair justice– at view (as possible outcome of any case brought before court, for example) because there is no more connection in common law to higher principles.

Hegel advocated total justice managed by Prussian State, model of numerous autocracies, but still relevant only because legitimate reference to higher principles. No such thing today, as higher principle seems to be only materialistic enrichment by means of profits.

But from where profit comes from ? Is it by thin air or by some mean of material (or human, symbolistic, psychological) manipulation ? Manipulation can be artistic, or magical like illusion, or deceptive, like covered robbery, causing grieves and much suffering among the people.

What is special and particular about situation in China is, head of State always referred to Sky as ultimate principle for authority, seeking there perennial legitimation. Emperors of all dynasties depicted themselves as "Sons of the Sky", or is it quality conferred to all Chinese ? All Han Chinese maybe ? Anyway, in this nation of "Sons of the Sky", basic value is enduring and prolonging their special will to live into future far ahead in time.

Here, if government forget or disembark from this long line of continuity that makes, in fact, Chinese history, this government is failing to fulfill his major mandate and contract is broken between this style of domination and fundamental people. Mandate of all head of State in history of China is to look after well being and health, also wealth of Chinese people seen as a whole and complete entity.

If general feeling arises that present government and head of State, managing present orientations of Chinese destiny, this oligarchy, in fact, do not fulfill this mandate, or care only for certain categories of citizen, those who are already or becoming rich, this party will lose rapidly all kind of legitimacy. This could lead to intense struggles or even civil war. Risks very real is fragmentation of Chinese empire. Or will a new revolution reformulate acceptable consensus ?

Paradox, here, is that this Party is changing, along fast moving economics within  global situation, and more than like the panther, not only spots in the skin, but in shape and aim. Peasants, once praised as the root of proletarian revolution are now despised as punk left down the road. Capital accumulate on their back, by spoiling their rights and firstly those of property or use of the land to feed. But for 300 millions peoples getting rich, those peasants are a billion that may rise some day.

This fear makes Party very alert and suspicious about any movement. Even relatively benign Falun Gong movement was tracked everywhere and violently repressed only because this was a movement : emerging possibility to mobilize mass of people. This intense scrutiny of Chinese territory and society leaves all the place only to contradictions to arise inside the Party. Is this where is to come true renewal ?

Dialectics in history is still on the move, for that young Hegel was right, with Marx, his major follower ; and the later, "old" Hegel was wrong, that to praise legitimation of state of affairs in his time, domination of Prussian bureaucracy, was calling for this ill inspired idea of "end of history".

Sky ? Earth ? Some major potentates, very soon imitated by any loose individuals, do not see here and there any limit. Soon to be expected, future is doomed, unfortunately not only for them, abusive, but for a lot of unnecessary suffering peoples.That is why their acting is criminal at a very large scale and a shame going unpunished. Only history remembers, if history remains to remember.

J longing for Y

P..S. : I do not know how this name plays in cultural context and intellectual discussions nowadays in China. Here in western world, his star had faded continuously, with notable acceleration after the fall of Berlin wall, just 20 years ago. This great thinker is seen as representative and supportive for abuses in State power seen in many and extreme examples in Twentieth Century. Thus, the star of  notorious antihegelians rose and those of Schopenhauer and Kierkegaard, for example, are shining now more brightly.

The main question here is status of dialectic. Sartre’s work I refered to, in early exchanges between us –that is "Critique de la raison Dialectique", is very good in dealing with this question. But actually attention shifted to problems concerning individual and personal fate in changing world too vast and out of bounds to tame and even comprehend in one completely defined and mastered thinking.

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