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On speculation and housing

14 décembre 2009

I still have
to tell this story, continuing mine after I left second love. This job in little
shop, astute boss, good man but able to take the best of energy and life of his
hired personal. Worked there too much, intensity and length, almost height days
a week (as in the song, you know?… by the Beatles), for some period of high
demand in business. Long hours, anyway : because we where paid at pieces of
work done… Also tiring was this aborted love story with Algerian woman, troubling, interesting, but tough, called Linda.

 I wanted to
love her, she was tempted. But bizarre thing is they had, the employees with
boss, a kind of agreement, call “the family” : they were doing partys and
sleeping all together. I didn’t entered this conspiracy, altough boss wanted me
in. But rule was to be introduced by a woman of the group. My desired beloved
was confused about that, like caught in between two fires, and couldn’t decide
for three years ! Yes, not only tiresome work had my skin at really hard play
this time.

 So I had to
settle back, moved to Longueuil, south shore suburb major town, stepped down
from job, took my unemployment fares and all my savings (20 000 $) plus loans (more than
5 000) and tryied to become independent playing at stock market. This was fall
or automn 2002. I then thought that market was about to
collapse, so I
played, against system, companies producing or searching for gold. Yes, mainly
penny stocks…

 This was
the long battle, for two years, but at the end, I lost everything. Problem was
not strategy, but timing. I didn’t know that this unsound financial system had so
great elasticity as to postpone for so long foreseen incoming crisis. This is "creative accountancy" and so-called "development" of all new artificial markets with tools and devices that bankers did not understood themselves (no matter their clients). As you know, this
crisis I expected for 2003 came later in 2008. A five years big mistake of
mine. This is why I know now for sure that economic and money playing is not my
strong point.

 But more
than that, this adventurous period had human, emotional cost on me because I
was then diverting virtually all my energy and abilities to this field of
constant attention, almost always, days and nights on internet looking for
financial and economical, political and general situation infos, looking at
charts and figures piles ; neglecting, thus, writing, and living inspiration,
and this serious business of looking for love… So I slipped deeper and deeper into this solitude and emotional desperation that I am still try to solve… but with some (and great) new hopes for now and some maybe, I hope, not too distant future…

 So I was
entirely drained down, to almost the last drop, both physically and mentaly
when I enlisted on welfare and came back to Montreal to live in a difficult place
with low rent but also problems that rose and then challenged me later to a new
surge with new friends. (Patrick, Mireille and some others)…

 But that is the next story, that will come from
2004 to near present, just before I met you, my dear : and there is lot to say
about this battle about decent housing : right now around my building, they are
building an enterely new development because we won this battle and my next
place to live, I know already, will be far better. So I feel now, overall, my prospects are better (than, lets say, three or four years ago) but I still have this (lack of) money problem.

"Yeah! Life goes on !" (pop song lyrics)


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