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Joie — joy above

13 décembre 2009
Tu m’as mis sur la glace     —      You put me on "hold"…
mais je tiens la route      —      but I stay on the road
je suit très triste       —            I am very sad
mais ma joie demeure             —        but my joy rises
au-dessus                 —                       above

P.S.: Sometimes I feel like you are mocking me.

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    16 décembre 2009 7 h 08 min

    We are all on the way ourself. meeting at some crossing ,then go on the road continue.Just hope the two road will be toward the next same road .but everything is unceitanly,Maybe meet at next crossing or another path ………

  2. 16 décembre 2009 7 h 17 min

    Yes, you seem very puzzled, again or still… and not very encouraging, for me thinking of Love with you… I guess you can not be more specific, for the moment, eh ? You must know that I am sorry for that.Anyway… no, this way, continue I must…

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