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9 décembre 2009


How would you translate this short sentence ? You said in your profile this is your favorite quote.

For poor me, I tried to extrapolate, and interpret, from a part by part translation.

Even not each character have direct translation…

So, I come to :

un instant, soit l’éternité

in French

So, in English, this could give :

Just one moment, being for eternity…

Please, do not tell me you are not interested to compare such poetical expression

in different (and stinky) foreign languages…

Explain to me, please, what you think about possibility in translation for this expression.

And would you tell me, please, where you pick this sentence, from where it came from.

This seem so simple, but at same time, seems possible to hear and fear an abyss of mystery.

Thank you

Post Scriptum : Then I checked on of our first exchanges in emails, just to see you have already answered this actual question I posed as  little exercise in translation.And I found this part you wrote on 22 September :

" What can I teach you and how can I tell you about your asking?Language
is so useless ,It is so difficulty to express what I want to speak. The
core of thought even can’t be explain in word. Explain more ,  further away from the pure meaning.

“ Happiness means simple, moment is just eternal  ” ,It is my title put on my AFF profile. Just being my “ WU” from my experience of life.

 “ Nine ,nine come to one” ,I like this Chinese words. Simple is from complexity,and the end of the complexity must come to purity and simpleness. This is my philosophy."

So, why should I ask for more "explanations" that you told me send us always "further away from pure meaning"? …

So, excuse-me. You see, I am a fool. For not remembering always those simple things… But, do you see, this is a problem I have. I find nothing is simple… So, probably happiness is not easy for me…

Thank You

(Maybe I can begin understanding better now… )

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    10 décembre 2009 10 h 53 min

    When you now how to make nine going to one ,you will know how to enjoy and find happiness in every moment.Nine is the bigest number in the decimal digits and a radix of 10 ,and when it reach to nine ,it will come to 1 again .so you can analyse every thing become to complex ,but finally you have to know how to make it come back to simple .stay or stop at the complex point is not good for physical and spirit ………….

  2. 10 décembre 2009 11 h 05 min

    You let me die, my dear. This is very simple : I am dying…

  3. 10 décembre 2009 13 h 03 min

    I had very good thinking here, just lost, when you appeared, so breifly in skype. Was just finishing last word, and I don\’t know how, this was lost ! I begin again trying to remember exact wording. Important !

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