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First snow storm in this winter !

9 décembre 2009
"Beware! Beware!. It is coming!". What is coming ?

The first snow storm in the winter is announced since three or four days. Everybody seems to prepare feverishly. From my window I see that the speedway is far than jammed, as usually at this hour in the morning. Less workers are coming from northern suburbs to crowd the city. Many schools are closed in anticipation. Because the storm now just began, and if strong winds are expected, there is still only few snow flakes that have already hit the ground. But "they say" (patented experts) that 30 to 35 cm are expected in metropolitan region. We will see the true figure at the end of the day.

I suspect that maybe in connection with the flu alert –yes, the A(H1N1)– every pretext is welcome to reduce affluence in public sectors. But I feel in this also some sign of decadence, maybe. Almost everybody seeking own comfort, not willing to confront the elements to pursue dynamic goals in working with and within the great mother nature. Everybody almost, eating too much, exercising not enough, staying at home, today, looking at TV, DVDs, Internet, listening to CDs, making love, maybe… Oh, that is great !

Maybe decadence as its charms, after all…

But the writer sees and listens to this world, not being himself hero fighting in the storm like his ancestors…

Maybe, in the middle of the worst in this storm, I will go to buy me milk….

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    9 décembre 2009 9 h 35 min

    Take care .enjoy .four season in every year show us that natural changing, time past cyclely.Yes,all of these are good topic. above political and cultural background,or we can exchange such feeling about natural ,festival ,family story ,and so on. I never think I can talk some deep and complex political and national cultural topic with someone who are not chinese. only can do that for some simple introduction.Yes,as a foriegner ,in general ,can learn some knowlege through read some book and see some thing even some expierience ,but ,can\’t understand .I even only discuss such topic with just one or two friends those we are in the same level and have the same background .never would like talk some serious issues with most of my friends. In this world ,people can find some eternal topic and dont need similar national culture , particularly the same political backgruoud .In fact ,talk about China in future really make me very despair……so,let find the simple way and simple things we can share ,,yes ,like music and movie ,art ,those pure spiritual things will be much more better than political ……..Any way ,during the snow storm coming ,take care yourself and enjoy life ……..

  2. 9 décembre 2009 10 h 15 min

    Yes, my dear. Thank you for visiting me here.I hope this somewhat artificial craftsmanship is able to please you. I ask you to suggest me improvements you would like to see. I can change colors and/shapes to suit your taste better, if you wish. But first, I would like you to report things you do not like and/or make more difficult sharing all this, reading… Photos do not connect. Don\’t know why…Yes, seasons, cycles : and world is changing fast, nowadays. Really no choice than to keep well informed. Trying to understand changes. Aiming to act properly to adapt, adjust, or resist when needed.I am with you.

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