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From sucking void to plenty !

8 décembre 2009
Yesterday I got to bed for meditation.
I was, at that moment, near total despair.
I asked for help.

Lying on my back, with legs folded back, I prayed the Lord of all beings, and then intercessor (my personal guru, Srî Aurobindo), to guide for energy accumulation from supramental. This is the seventh shakra that is outside the body, just above the top of the head and communicates with fundamental energies as well as with spiritual guidance of the Universe.

Then I tried to take some from this inexhaustible energy to bring it down in lower shakras, into my body : 6th, in the center of the brain,  the mental, for enlightenment ; into 5 th, into my throat, with Pituitary gland, for controlled decision and righteousness of speech…

Then, into 4th, near the physical heart, this is were I sensed this big sucking void of uncertainty. This is were major work is now waited. And very much needed !

At that moment, I climbed up to have better clues. I did not first know how to pierce this thick wall and I stood idle for some time… Then came the idea : This is to take more energy, see neatly : suggestion, anywhere. Any"body" of someone…

Maybe it’s you that suggested me to connect dynamic sound in your name to greater energy channel via Aurobindo from Universe and God. I saw Yez as the word-mantra, like the Key, designed from your actual name. It is similar with English Yes, but still better than a plain good yes… so Yez, as key to make this work much needed for open channel to descend higher energies into heart and center shakra. At this moment, I had a big surge of energy everywhere in my body and a boost for a much clearer mind.

Yes Yezi, YEZ, this is the way !

Than, as almost automatically, this big void, sucking energy for nothing and despairing me instead of giving strength, began to fill fairly quick.

Would you believe this?… it was almost like a simple switch that was turned off (and for a long time, as you know…) just came turned ON !!! I knew inside this was right. This is the way for creeping out depression and uncertainty, out of confusion and impotency, to regain ability to love, and act accordingly, with strength and very lively energy.

This the way and were, in secret place inside, we can connect with each other, with Our Love but also love energy flowing everywhere throughout the universe. This is a source of plenty, inexhaustible : to give, and not only receive : To radiate and light up, inspire others, and no more to lye in pain, suffering for need and thirst for love. We have love inside first, and plenty, we have to share !

With you, of course, first, my Love. Ans also with others. Far maybe world change. But, you see, marvelous thing is, I think, this yoga is only the beginning of new Life ! The Life Divine !

Srî Aurobindo explains in his books on yoga, that further work, more difficult certainly, is when energy goes more deeper into material being, to 3th, at solar plexus, then to 2th, at sexual parts, and then, finally, at first, called the sacred one, and that connect us with underground forces filling the planet as well as vibrating energy of matter itself. Complete mastering of those maybe impossible, or path to incredible power even to transform and reshape matter.

But for US, we have still lots of work to do to connect more easily and fluently or continuously, and to share this love energy that gives more than it takes. Further yoga possible to pursue together, maybe more when we could be in physical presence.

And I would like to know : What do you think of all this ? Did you knew before this was a possible path ? How much do you think this is real, and not only hallucinatory practice, like an illusion I produce for myself ? Have you ever done similar thing ? I am interested to share with you all previous experience you had. Taking a breath and a little distance for criticism, please tell me, my dear Yezi : What do you think of all this ?

Your devoted Jacques

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