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China in rising

8 décembre 2009
I am here to witness the present and major trends in history. Forces that are shaping our future began obscure work long before being apparent. This old mole always working in the shade or under your feet, like said Marx.

Now, I think,  the main trend, is that western world enters decadence. To see the rise of Asian countries and, especially, yes, China.

I was willing to enter this discussion. I start with this rather triumphant book, from Martin Jacques When China rules the world, just to stir up the sauce. This guy seems to be in love with China, or eastern world, in general… His Malaysian wife died in China, he was depressed for years before being able to perform this writing, planned for a long time and postponed by this difficult mourning.

I picked up main arguments in the autor’s site, and they give a first net on wich to work, but I already see other arguments of decisive importance. But lets see those first :

(1)- There is not simply one
western modernity, instead we are witnessing the birth of multiple modernities.

(2) – Chinese modernity will
be very different from western modernity.

(3) – We are moving into a
world of contested modernity.

(4) – China will become the
largest economy in the world within less than two decades and then proceed to
rapidly out-distance that of the United States.

(5) – China’s impact on the
world will not simply be economic; it will also have profound political,
cultural and ideological effects.
(6) – For thousands of years,
China was at the centre of the tributary-state system in East Asia, which only
came to an end with the arrival of European colonialism at the end of the
nineteenth century.

(7) – As the East Asian
economy is rapidly reconfigured around China, we should expect elements of the
tributary system to reappear.

(8) – At its core, China is a
civilization-state rather than a nation-state, a fact which will become
steadily more apparent.

(9) – The Chinese state is
very different from the western state: it has existed for over two thousand
years, for over a millennium it has had no competitors (eg, church, merchants)
nor limits to its power; it is regarded with reverence and deference by the
Chinese as the guardian and protector of Chinese civilization.

10) – The Chinese have a
deep and living sense of their own culture and civilization which they regard
as superior to all others.

11)- 92% of the Chinese
believe that they are of one race, the Han Chinese, unlike the other most
populous nations such as India, the United States, Brazil and Indonesia, which
recognize themselves to be highly multi-racial and multi-cultural.

(12) – The similarities
between the communist period and the Confucian era are more striking than the

So, my dear, if you wish, we can begin this discussion in here, because you are very well placed to discuss the matter. This a "work in progress", so the outcome is not known. I can add your contribution, from emails or from texts you send to me as attaches files, and make this like a live discussion with the advantage of being able to correct and improve at any time shape and substance.

Serious matter for our future. But see, although sufficient, love (with you only!) is not the only reason I began to learn your Chinese mandarin and culture. It is that because looking forward to live a long life, I do not want to get old in a world I understand less and less. You see, for me also, understanding in very important.

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  1. LEAVES permalink
    9 décembre 2009 5 h 23 min

    Theory is gray but life is evergreen tree. So ,Only focus on individual fate,the undrestanding about culture wiii not be just on the surface or imagination and discursion.for me ,even can\’t discuss about our culture and political ,economy not using Chinese.Because everything is not simple

  2. 9 décembre 2009 7 h 01 min

    Jello my Love. Happy to see you back !Yes, comparisons are always awkward, in a way or the other. Yes, theory, and even language have their limits, we both know that. But, here, does this means, your position, that, to be fully and completely with you even learning Chinese language and culture wouldn\’t be enough ? I would have to become a Chinese to do that !? But you understand this is pretty close to impossible, my dear. So this means you can discuss Chinese situation only with your Chinese friends ?! Poor me ! …

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