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6 décembre 2009

This "equation", I am very curious with. Unable to translate.

Maybe you care for some comments… or plain translation !

I still try a bit.

人生 = 各阶段缺憾的总和!

Life (living) =  many stages passages diseapearing regrets of inventary

This word to word by each character is not transparent, but I try to interpret general meaning. Effort, first, gives :

Life (living and lived) = many levels overlaping recollection of wanishing regrets,

and I picture a spiral, same as whirlpool but spirit tries reclimbing
as stairway, with meaningful material, stairways to… what ? Stairway
to heaven or hell ?

Regrets for what ? You didn’t act well ? I do not think so.
Irreconcilable with disappearance happening in material samsara. This
is Platonist idealist position.

Heaven or hell depends on you. Improved existential philosophy : From
energy vibration still active from past love, you keep strength to
create bright new future !

Can this be so ? I guess, yes. Not easy nor hard : almost impossible.

This very narrow path you aim and long for from your youth, and this
hidden path is reserved for very few, I guess, elite spirit : becoming
angels !

I love you my dear, and this is why I tremble

with joy !

Yours and devoted Jacques

– Maybe Buddhists would say that this helix of life works both ways. You can do it consciously in one perfect life, or recollect properly only in many different imperfect lives. But unless sinking into bog of inconsistencies and despair, you will do it ! Long time maybe but have faith ! With a bit chance and strong will, we will rejoin in meditation. Why to stay all alone in this "business", eckstasis… Did you found your cosmic brother ? Helping each other is the way. That is why I proposed to you. Marriage ? Mystical Wedding !

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