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5 décembre 2009
I am mad today ! I  AM  MAD  !!! Really ! Yes, I want to kill everybody ! My starship encountered an asteroid. I barely saved my life in coming to spaceport and my ship is heavily damaged. It is now shut and hiding inside this big workshop for repair. This will cost me one or two planets I own… Fortunately, I have some more left. But for some and almost mystical reasons… I can not buy another one. I prefer and it must be that way, to keep this old one, magical starship that permits me to jump around many worlds. Yes ! when it is in order to function properly !

Yes, I am mad there. Waiting in my apartment ! For my wife to come home ! She is now at a wedding, but in the other side of the planet, and I can not even speak with her ! So I swear against the star and I even swear against God, because I can not touch her and wouldn’t see her smile ! She said in last message that she drank a bit too much wine yesterday ! Just like me ! Was this red wine for your, my dear ? Yes, this was the way we were together, last night !

Here it is a complete mess. And I do not care to arrange. A big cleaning is needed, with hot water and much soap. Yesterday exterminator came and spilled too much this poisonous product they use. And my plan was to save as many food and things as possible, hidden in my room and the door was shut. But this stupid man I want to kill opened this door when I was not there, and so my special room, were I sleep ! Was open to this poisonous gas that went everywhere, this way, in my apartment.

Incoming yesterday after reading all day in library where I got by bike I came by the rear door and saw this product everywhere. Walking in the kitchen there was so much that I almost slipped in my heavy running shoes, and almost fell in my back. Now I have to repack and replace every little and big things. But before that I have to do this big cleaning… And I am mad and discouraged.

All this… for nothing. Neighbors at door 33 had this same treatment, and this is good. But I talked with neighbor at door 35, and this was not done at his place. And I know he has cockroaches too… So this will be only a matter of time they will come back to my place, even if I take the utmost precautions ! And I am not, by far, this cautious… So I am mad at me also, but first and mainly to this attendance, here, that is not managing this building properly and so I will have to go through this nightmare again, as in yesterday, now in six month. Same stupid packing and unpacking revolution, alone for doing everything all night long…

This is why I am so mad !!! Because all this is sick and meaningless. This neighbor was sleeping with earplugs so he couldn’t ear nothing when they knocked at his door . He has different problems and when he can sleep, even in the middle of the day, he sleeps ! Yes, I can understand that. I do this sometimes, myself, when I had stayed up all night, for example, for reading and writing of chatting whit my dear Love ! She his so sweet and nice, and so good to me ! That, yes, thinking of her and suddenly it is like I am melting inside and I feel much less mad… Yes, I sit in my sofa, and I think of her… and I write this note to her, to share this mad moment and to spend away this so bad mood… Yes, I wanted in total madness to kill everybody. Everybody but her, because she is more precious to me than even my own life ! And, yes, my starship…

When I think of you, my dear Yezi, I see little red hearts like taken from comic books twirling and twinkling before my head, like those little emoticons we see each day, when this is good day, when I am with you… in a way.

Your mad and stupid Jacques

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  1. 6 juillet 2013 5 h 05 min

    I love your blog.. very nice colors theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thanks a lot

    • 10 septembre 2013 11 h 40 min

      I made it myself, by choosing items amongst free models displayed by wordpress site. This blog is one of three on wordpress, but later I bought rights for naming domaine ; and I have also other blogs (blogspot, etc.) also neglected because pain of love and ensuing depressed mode.

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