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Events, little ; thoughts, big !

4 décembre 2009
Sitting in apartment, half emptied, waiting for pest exterminators, I surf the Internet for some news.

I see our current leader, head of executive power and government in Canadian state visiting China. Is he handsome guy !? Wow ! Hairs always combed perfectly. From rightist political positioning –and that is what means the "conservative" label naming his party — anticommunism impaired ability to improve relations with current, actual China.

I was stunned, my dear, to see your leaders commenting hopes with this meeting in almost same terms we were discussing to maintain openness and trust in our own relationship. But, naturally, why to be surprised. What is in highest is like what is near ground, has was said in archaic culture, already, with label referring to Hermès "Three time great" (if this translate my French expression : Hermès Trismégiste). Hermetical enough ? No, plain, common truth. Relation between big States have a lot in common with relations with persons : dealing, understanding, trust or… defiance, negotiation or competition, even conflicts or wars !!!

But I do not only seek peace, with you, nor commerce… I seek to be with you all the time, in same humming songs inspired by Love ; Our Love.

Helping us, maybe, those great leaders had signed agreements and some with the effect of easing visit in Canada for Chinese citizen. What do you think about that, my dear. Be comfortable, here. This blog is private and designed only to ease, if possible, future collaboration in us… IN US… you may think I am emotive too much, but I trembled a second foreseeing this situation : when we will be able to be really happy together… Spontaneous expression caused by imagination…

Still, somehow, in this world, Love and States share some different things in common. And this give me some hope. About this world, of course. Because for us, to be close to you, I have a bit more than just hope ! I know you understand…

But you are right, I guess : true Love does not need (many) explanations, nor (constant) discussions. Magical touch and magical dreams coexist in virtual world until magical moment they meet.

You know that I love you so much !!! But I can’t help it, I have to say !

Your devoted Jacques

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